Download Official Hotmail App for Android

Microsoft has released an official Hotmail app for Android devices that gives you easy and instant access to Windows Live Hotmail so you never miss an email. The app is free, comes loaded with a variety of features and settings to customize it as desired.



Key Features include:

– With push email get messages on your phone without delay
– Synced calendar and contacts
– View your folders in Hotmail, including sub folders
– Send pictures from your phone using Hotmail
– Supports multiple Hotmail accounts
– Send, receive and view attachments

Requires Android 2.1 and above.

Download Here [Market link]


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  1. Namit Gupta says:

    Android Market is undoubtedly getting richer with awesome apps. Thanks for the share.

  1. October 4, 2011

    […] Seit Sonn­tag stellt Micro­soft eine offi­zi­elle Android App für Hot­mail User zum Down­load bereit. Damit müs­sen sich Benut­zer mit einem Hot­mail Account z.B. nicht mehr mit der offi­zi­el­len Mail App behel­fen, die z.B. nur Durch­schnitt sein soll, wie ich bereits desöf­te­ren mit­be­kom­men habe (ich selbst habe die App nie benutzt). […]

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