Download Offline Updates for Microsoft Security Essentials

MSE Few days back, Microsoft officially released the Final build of its Freeware Security software ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’ for download publicly.

When you install MSE it requires updating antivirus definition updates. This can create issue sometimes as the updates are quite big or when you are not connected to Internet. So, I’ve found update files which can let you update Microsoft Security Essentials offline.

Download the latest virus and spyware definition update files below:

These update files are executable files which can be installed easily without any issues.

Source: Windows Valley


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  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    Now I can download the file once and install on all of my other PCs and save 50MB each time 🙂

  2. Si Thu Win says:

    Thanks to u. I like most microsoft security essentials antivirus.

  3. ASIF says:

    i use MSE its better.

  4. BEL says:

    to download update

  5. chamee says:

    thanks !!!

  6. akber says:

    offline file update help us very much

  7. kannan says:

    MSE is doing great , Thanks Microsoft

  8. DEBU says:


  9. Thanks for your MSE. It’s OK for me.

  10. amit says:

    pls updated this offline update

  11. hariprasad says:

    hello friends………..i too use the microsoft security essentials it is good ……

  12. mukhtar says:

    thanks i am very happy to use this…..

  13. I do not have Internet at home and because of this I would like to carry the update file to the program Microsoft Security Essentials .
    Is it any one help me to find her?

  14. thank you, I like most microsoft security essentials

  15. Bo Bo Min says:

    Thank for this update.

  16. rohit rana says:

    This is better than other antivirus

  17. Roja says:

    IS MSE free antivirus software??

  18. Roja says:

    how to download this MSE Setup file..pls send the download link to

  19. Tunminaunglay says:

    Very very Thankyou

  20. Xender says:

    East to west
    Ms Essential is the best…

  21. Tun Aung says:

    I love Micro Soft and I used Microsoft Security Essential for antivirus of my computer. Thanks MSE.

  22. Abhishek Banerjee says:


  23. madiz says:

    waaaal mse is awesome best of the best

  24. Harvey says:

    yes its true..MSE Antivirus was so good among the other antivirus!, MSE Antivirus also have best detector all threats best nothing with ease, i love Microsoft and i love MSE Antivirus

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