Download Windows 7 Step by Step guides aka Books Free

As we all know, Windows 7 RC is on its way to arrive publicly on May 5, 09. Microsoft Press has released some user guides and training books for Windows 7, that enables you to get the most from Microsoft tools and technologies implemented in Windows 7.

Windows 7 Books from Microsoft Press

Windows 7 Books from Microsoft Press include:

  • Chapter 21, “Performing Routine Maintenance,” from Windows 7 Inside Out
  • Chapter 23, “Support Users and Remote Assistance,” from Windows 7 Resource Kit
  • Chapter 29, “Deploying IPv6,” from Windows 7 Resource Kit
  • Chapter 1, “Explore Windows 7,” from Windows 7 Step by Step
  • Chapter 2, “Navigate Windows and Folders,” from Windows 7 Step by Step

    These books are written by industry experts and Microsoft insiders who provide accurate and current information. They will help you in getting your answers, gaining your knowledge and successfully use Windows 7. They’ll let you know about the new facts and features introduced in Windows 7.

    Windows 7 is new for everyone and very less information is available for it. So, I advice you to download these files if you are going to get your hands on Windows 7.

    All books are available for free download in small 2-3 MB PDF and XPS files.


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    7 Responses

    1. krintu says:

      dwnloading rite now….surely it will help me to have some info before getting hands on windows 7…when it becomes public…Thanks for sharing..


    2. dr.salman says:

      hi, i have used windows 7 , but i went to xp after using win7 for 1 day, as its visuals and themes are diferent,and i was used to xp, xp better then win7,,what u ppl say…

      • Mike says:

        I went back to Windows 3.11 after I used Windows 95 (briefly though). Same reason as yours, just a matter to getting used to it. Once you discover all the awesome features it has, you won’t want to go back to XP.

    3. Abhijit B says:

      Can we have multiple OS partition that we can create in which we can have multiple language OSs installed ?

    4. Abhijit B says:

      the question is in reference to Win7.

    5. Abhay Mittal says:

      There are several articles on this topic providing slightly different content. In my opinion,
      either all should be displayed in one place; or links to one another should be given.

    1. January 16, 2010

      […] Download Windows 7 Step by Step guides aka Books Free […]

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