DQUF – Check BSNL Broadband bandwidth usage [For Portal ID and Old users]

If you are a BSNL Broadband (Dataone) user and want to check your BSNL Internet usage through software, then Dataone Quick Usage Finder (DQUF) is for you.

Dataone Quick Usage Finder (DQUF) is a free and handy utility to quickly find the total usage for BSNL’s broadband service “Dataone”.

Check BSNL Broadband usage

The new beta version ofDQUF is now released which adds support for new combo plans, multiple account checking and for new Portal ID users at http://bbservice.bsnl.in.

Key Features:

  • Works both for Old users and new Portal ID accounts.
  • Track your bandwidth usage without opening any sites.
  • More reliable statistics, as its the same as what BSNL provides on their site.
  • Dialup Connection and disconnection scheduler for Night Unlimited Plans
  • Auto detect Plan and usage limit according to the plan subscribed
  • Shows your Total Bill including service tax

Note: Message by BSNL,

Dear Customers, bbservice.bsnl.in will be discontinued on 21st August 2009, you are requested to use http://www.data.bsnl.in for usage details, password change and profile update.

Download Dataone Quick Usage Finder  (453 KB)

You can also use DUF (Dataone Usage Finder) but it doesn’t works for new accounts i.e. Portal ID


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  1. Nihar says:

    This one i a great share. Thank you very much!

  2. rajesh says:

    i can`t cheak my usages
    how to cheak

  3. biswajit says:

    i can`t cheak my usages
    how to cheak

  4. mangal patra says:

    i can not create id and password to check brodband usage.

  5. rajagopalan says:

    i am a subscriber of internet by using sancharnet card and i want to know the balance of hours left in my account please

  6. kiran kumar das says:

    I can’t check my usages from the site http://www.selfcare.edc.bsnl.co.in please mail me any suggestion.

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