Fix Pen Drives with “Open with” Errors [ How To ]

It is very common to get an “Open with” dialog on opening the pen drives. Often it is understood that this is due to a virus or an spyware. Most of the times it is true, but sometimes a simple error in the autorun.inf (hidden inside the pen-drive) file can also cause this problem. Virus or not, lets see what is the easiest solution.

Follow the Steps below :

1) Goto Run (Start»Run OR Win Key + R)

2) Type cmd and Ok

3) Change the drive to pen-drive location (Drive letter followed by colon e.g. N:)

4) Type: attrib to confirm if autorun.inf file is present there

5) Type: attrib -S -H -R autorun.inf

6) Type: del autorun.inf

7) Now simply go and rename the original pen-drive label in My Computer.

That’s it! The Pen-drive will start opening like before. N-Joy!

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  1. Hamza says:

    Thank’s a lot! The problem’s completely rectified for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you…

  2. Naresh says:

    Your information is really help full. It was worked excellent in my case. Thank You so much for providing this procedure


  3. Vijay says:

    It Worked Perfectly……..thanks a lot!!

  4. downloadhunter says:

    Works great.

  5. VJ says:

    Thanks it is useful…
    and i solve problem thruogh this. thnk a lot

  6. msk says:

    thanks. it was a very interesting method. may be you can try to create some software to do it automatically instead of manually if possible

  7. Geekyard says:

    Any solution to fix pen drive errors?

  8. Indra says:

    Thanks a ton…now its perfectly alrite..workin fyn…

  9. bala says:

    thanks, it realy working boss.

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