Fix Steam not updating [How To]

Today, when I was installing Steam client by Valve to download the free Alien Swarm game, Steam showed an error saying “Steam is temporarily unavailable, please try later” while updating steam automatically after install. This error prevented steam from installing successfully. This problem is generally caused because steam connects to its server nearest to your location, which might be temporarily not working.

error - steam not updating

Fortunately, Raymond has posted an interesting and helpful tutorial a day ago which describes how to get rid of this issue. All we need to do is manually change the server location, which steam uses to update itself. Follow the steps below carefully:

1. Download ClientRegistry Toolkit

2. Extract and run SteamRegEdit.exe

3. Go to File > Open and browse to C:\Program Files\Steam\ and open the file named ‘ClientRegistry.blob’.

Steam registry editor

4. Double-click the entry CellId, shown in the right pane and change its numeric value to anywhere between 1-90. This will change the region to which steam connects. Some valve servers are listed below:

1 – (US)
2 – (US)
3 – (US)
4 – (UK)
5 – (UK)
6 – (Israel)
7 – (Germany)
8 – (Korea)
9 – (Taiwan)
10 – (US)

5. After modifying the value, select Yes to confirm and change the value.

confirm box - click yes

steam updating

Now run Steam and it will update and install without any issues. 😀



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33 Responses

  1. zhack says:

    it works bro!!!
    im at singapore, n change the server to 9(taiwan)

  2. Respect :D says:

    WTF man… im living at Malaysia then change server to 9(taiwan) which is nearer server then my update is not stuck again wooooo~~~
    hahahha VERY2 happy thanks…..100% thanks..

  3. SLICK says:

    Screw those dumb delete blob files your the best simple and fast fix 😀 \m/

  4. Rg says:

    Thanks. thats a superb solution. fixed when others fixes didn’t work!

  5. Finally says:

    Wow thanks it works unlike other fixes I found !

  6. Igor says:

    Works awesome!!! thanks a lot! =)

  7. Josh says:

    Not working, in Malaysia but not working when I change to 9, 30, 35 and a few other randoms.

  8. André says:

    I have done all of the above and I only get to 6%?, the first time I ran steam it stopped at 42%?, at steam rates I will never play online games.

  9. chew says:

    i tried everything but sp far no luck. but then i came across this tread and OMG u fixed it. THX A LOT!!(this fix should be distributed everywhere)

  10. Naz says:

    thanks a lot for this advice. It helped me also, after all other advice failed (for 3 days). Please keep up good work in helping others, we do appreciate it !

  11. Naits says:

    old topic but I have the same problem, but unfortunately nothing works for him

  12. Arjan says:

    It worked, thanks!

  13. Le3F says:

    the reg edit software won’t even launch for me, I’m on windows XP if that matters

  14. abhishek says:

    heyy brow nice work but when i jst edited the blob file then its not saving it says “error in saving the file acees denied”
    plz help!

  15. Nigel says:


  16. Sharad says:

    Excellent!!!! thanks a lot

  17. likith says:

    it works!!! tnx a lot..

  18. Zuhaib says:

    Thanks .. after trying many solutions from two days .. finally this worked .. Thanks again.

  19. vijay says:

    thanks…. works

  20. dhruv says:

    same problem i cant update it cames the same Steam is temporarily unavailable, please try later” plss help 🙁

  21. RozgSzeFka says:

    It works! Thank you very much for your help.

  22. Amit Singh says:

    Thanks alot man its worked even after its 2015

  23. Corey says:

    I\’m running on Windows 8 and I can\’t open the registry….Please help me!

  24. Abhishek says:

    You sir saved my life

  25. Pratham says:

    Can you give me names of servers listed from 1 to 90 need your help plZzz

  26. Matt says:

    Thanks a lot man!! After a few tries y found option number 5 still works.. options 1 and 9 have not. Cheers!!

  27. shubham sharma says:

    bro can u help I have same prblm but I live in india

  28. LCS says:

    Not working, tried everything and not working …………… windows 10, october 2017.

  29. Alex says:

    This doesnt work. I have tried all numbers and get the same problem.

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