Flavors.me lets you create an elegant website in seconds

Flavors.me is a newly launched service which allows anyone to create an elegant website using personal content from around the Internet. It is Ideal for creating personal homepages, life streaming, splash and microsites, celebrity fan pages, commercial promotion, brand marketing, etc.

An Example of Flavors.me site

Users can add services like flickr, tumblr, facebook, twitter, vimeo, last.fm, RSS to their personal webpage.

Check out its video tutorial below:

Invites – Flavors.me currently requires an invitation to SignUp but you can have access to it by signing up to its beta service.

Just visit and enter the Username and Password as alpha. Now create an account and start making your site within seconds!

Check out my Flavors.me profile here

Update – The beta page now requires an Invite code to Signup.

Update 2 – You can signup now using the invite code hiidef

Thanks Pratyush


Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

11 Responses

  1. Pratyush says:

    Thanks Mayur, I am loving the Flavor.me service. Check out my page at: http://flavors.me/default (yeah, I snatched a nice name there :D).

  2. Naga says:

    Hey mayur the link is not working and does the link work in INDIA?

  3. The link is not working for me too!

  4. jack mccurdy says:

    not working, says invalid signup code

  5. Tried now and the link works but doesn’t let me sign up without an invite code. Got one?

  6. Thanks for such great coverage Mayur! Sorry to anyone who hasn’t been able to get access. I created a special code for the blog: webtrickz

    Hope you enjoy – Jonathan.

  7. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the invite Code dude!!!
    U’r the best!!!
    Cheers from Stockholm “

  8. Marcelo says:

    Thanks a lot for the invite Code!


  9. Martinez Designs says:

    updated invite code? I tried webtrickz, hiidef doesnt work. I really would like to use this service. Please help me out. Thanks

  10. bruna says:

    baaah eu tenteei mts códigos de convite, mas não consegui ;s qria mtt usar essa rede, se alguem puder me ajudar, fico grata 😀

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