Get Lyrical – Adds lyrics to songs in iTunes automatically

Add lyrics to songs in iTunes 5+ Sometimes we look for lyrics while listening to our favorite or new songs. Now, you don’t require to use the Internet for searching the preferred lyrics.

Get Lyrical is one smart and free application which Auto-magically adds lyrics to songs in iTunes 5 or later. The lyrics are added from

You can choose either a selection of tracks, or the current track to add lyrics to it. You can also turn on “Active Tagging” to get lyrics for songs as you play them.

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4 Responses

  1. keyur says:

    how to use this???i downloaded it… what to do??

  2. akshay says:

    how to use it….

  3. Daniyal says:

    Great thanks for the information. Do you know of any software that will auto-tag songs in itunes? I don’t have a apple store account and every time I try to search for song tags it tells me to get one. Any ideas?

  4. Aaren says:

    I had the same problem trying to figure out how to use it. You select a song in itunes and then select “Tag Current” a gray transluscent box should appear with the lyrics for the song in it.

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