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  1. alawe says:

    mm, beautiful, yah the only reason i need if for is privacy online specially when browsing these websites where their owners always sniff around for your location :P, could even affect treatment and causes racism conflicts during internet conversations.

  2. johnbazard says:

    i need this service very badly because i cannot use sip and streaming services like hulu etc.

  3. nitin gupta says:

    i need ibVPN for my college use because there are lot of sites which are blocked,though they does’nt contain any entertainment or porn content.but they are blocked..and some sites are needed for knowledge and i want ibVPN

  4. kimlanvn says:

    Thanks Mayur !
    I need ibVPN because I live in Vietnam and Vietnam IP can’t access to some other country. They blocked my IP !

    Sorry, I’m not on twitter !

  5. wavc09 says:

    I’m Vietnamese, and do you know that there is almost no freedom of accessing information on the Internet? I really want to have some tools like Invisible Browsing VPN in order to access more valuable information from some websites that were blocked by the government. Do you know that Vietnamese now do not access even FACEBOOK- that was restricted with the reason of reactionary website !!?? If I can get Free License of Invisible Browsing VPN that is great! If not, that’s pity, however, thanks you very much for sharing.

  6. kantri says:

    I am in college which blocks torrent downloads(and many websites like — and orkut…..). There is no way i can download torrents except using VPN.(even the tunneling is blocked).

  7. Obo Petrica says:

    i need ibVPN for hulu. I live in Romania. Thank you.

  8. vhick says:

    I need some VPN services because here in my country specially in South-east Country have a problem in major country like US and UK. And not only VPN but it give secure connection for safe browsing.

    Thanks for nice giveaway!

    Here is my twitter status:

  9. Billy says:

    some websites are blocking access from my country, so i’m gonna need this.


  10. Reality_80 says:

    I need ibVPN because I don’t want to be tracked on some porn sites.

  11. A.X.L. Pendergast says:

    Big Brother is watching me everywhere I go: in shops, on the street. There are camera’s in every corner – it drives me nuts! There’s one world I can have privacy: the cyberworld. ibVPN is just the ticket in this cruel world!

  12. Murphy says:

    I don’t need license I just want to congratulate for this nice Giveaway .
    Best regards !

  13. xav says:

    Hi, useful offer to access sites that are blocked to me for geographic reasons. Please count me in. Thanks.

  14. kari says:

    I’d like to use ibVPN because, at work, the IT guys have a very aggressive blocker which has even blocked a lot of good websites. Complaining to IT only gets the site unblocked temporarily. I’m tired of calling IT. This would allow me to surf the net properly and keep me out of trouble.

    I’m not on twitter

  15. Navarest says:

    Facebook and some of the well-known websites are blocked in my area, I’m using Ultra surf, it’s a free invisible tool but it’s not really good, somebody suggests it’s a malware. Invisible Browsing VPN is a useful soft, I want to try my luck this time. Thanks.

  16. fabald says:

    First : I would thank you for this Giveaway
    Second : I want ibVPN because I am using Internet behind a proxy server. And there are alot of website that I cannot visit
    I hope I will win a copy of ibVPN to be able to surf anonymously what ever I want.

  17. BTOR says:


  18. ckoiner says:

    Please add me to the possible winners for the contest. I like listening to Spotify, but I am not in a country where it is available at present.

  19. Raminder Jhand says:

    Hi. I want to see Hulu Videos Please….

  20. Naveen says:

    I want to browse the net safely and i want to protect my system from hackers. so i hope to win this great give away, Invisible browsing VPN.

  21. Vinach says:

    With Invisible browsing VPN, I can reach to a lot of websites all over the world. More information and more knowledge!
    Thanks admin for these gifts.

  22. puri says:

    I am behind a proxy server Which block almost all sites.I cant acess many basic websites.Ibvpn is the only option left for me.With ibvpn i can browse annonymously and also without download restriction

  23. Sonu Meena says:

    Plz give me one license i need it very badly

    coz my ip have banned many websites

    and i want to visit these sites so plz give me one license

    Thanks for nice giveaways

  24. Doro says:

    My only reason : I want more security

  25. ailaoluo says:

    hi, i want to see — please. thanks a lot in advance.

  26. Mohamad says:

    VPN is a revolutionary technology to bypass internet censoring , and i think it’s much better than proxies, and more fast! , in the middle east we are having a big problem when we access some websites , and the best solution is VPN services. Some time we can’t even reach these website to buy an account, also our ISP is listening and watching to everything we do online , that’s why we are always aware of what we are doing online. Everyone wants a privacy and to do what we want online freely , no one like to be watch or even feel that some on is watching. Privacy is important term that everyone is looking for.

  27. signe says:

    i want to see hulu and I don’t want to be tracked

  28. sarik says:

    Hi, I am net savvy and used to visit lots of new stuff..this would really help me a lot keep me anonymous when it required most.


  29. rEnr3n says:

    Privacy is so much important when dealing with the internet. As a human being have the right to privacy. IBVPN is one of the solutions of the internet nightmare everyone is experiencing now. So, I hope to win this free license. IBVPN is a must once you get connected. 🙂

  30. Abhishek says:

    This is a nice giveaway. My tweet status link:


  31. vasilios says:

    I want to browse the net safely and i want to protect my system from hackers

  32. idigiti says:

    I hope this will help me browse safely and hide my history from others. I need not use proxies. If it is free then it is really great

  33. Francis says:

    Currently staying in a communist country, some sites are blocked. I need ibVPN to have internet freedom back.

    • Vekz says:

      You and me are in the same condition! So, where are you from? China, North Korea or Vietnam, Cuba, or Laos?
      Living in communist dictatorship, the freedom of information, speech is desire of people!

  34. stranger says:

    Thanks for this great giveaway .
    ibVPN is one of the best and reliable programs .
    presently i am living in a college hostel and is very difficult to survive online .
    Tech geeks here almost trace everything from ones laptop from the wi fi here .
    It would be really helpful for people like me whose ip are monitored .
    thanks ..

  35. Petrica says:

    some websites are blocking access from my country, so i’m gonna need this.


  36. Thomas says:

    Want to try Amazon freebies in other countries

  37. xantzaras says:

    i need it for running pandora outside us and lala .

  38. kotti says:

    i just met and i want to be a member of the site!it looks interesting.
    and what a better start from an offer like this.thanks admin.

  39. Vekz says:

    With Invisible Browsing VPN, I can access a lot of websites that were blocking by communist government.! If only I can get it!

  40. shankara says:

    I am from USA living in Canada and my girldfriend is from UK, I want to watch HULU and my girldfriend BBC, I hear that with a VPN is possible and I am researching which one is beter and more reliable. ibVPN seems to be very professional and reliable, if I get to win one of the accounts and the service is good I will definetly extend my service and pay.


  41. belinda says:

    Very interesting as always.

    Since i travel to china for business
    this offer is much appreciated .

  42. bhavya says:

    i need to use dis amazing software so as to access everuthin anonymously…jst wat twas created for….

  43. TheNutz says:

    I really wanna try this.
    let me win 🙂

  44. sandra says:

    I hope i can win this.I need to watch my favorite shows on hulu outside us.

  45. Chan Fung says:

    Hello Nice Blog! Best help ever i hope i have an invite

  46. Rahul Thakur says:

    I need this software because i want to access my internet through US ip adress so that I can log in into different online sites to earn money,or to give surveys,watch movies on hulu and finally be anonymous to all

  47. David Macdonald says:

    This is helpful for me. I can’t believe my University’s LAN is blocking –!!!

  48. Johns says:

    Hmm, there are a lot of people. It is difficult to win this prize!

  49. inaki says:

    i’m working and travelling frequently in iran and this offer is valuable for me.

  50. halchal says:

    I am very much interested in network security and related areas.I want to try this software works and gain some valuable knowledge.

  51. Atlee says:

    I hope I can get the license for this software because I want to surf a lot of US sites like Hulu 🙂

  52. jimmylee says:

    Because the great fire wall ,I need this software. I want to try this software works and gain some valuable knowledge.

  53. BTOR says:

    got the account . thankyou very very much



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