Google Translate Client – Makes translation easier than ever !

I mostly use Google Translate to convert any types of Languages to desired form. But it becomes too boring, as we need to visit Google Translator website, copy/paste the text, choosing the language and so on. I’ve found a simplest way to translate text in a click.

Google Translate Client - Easily translates any text

Google Translate Client is a free translator which translate text in every Windows application such as Outlook, MS Word, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. It sits quietly in the system tray. To translate the text, you just need to select the text and click a pop-up "G" icon – the text will be translated instantly!

It supports 41 languages and requires a Internet connection to work.

Download Google Translate Client


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  1. lonelytomato says:

    This translator is not perfect, but works really fine.
    Although you don’t know anything about particular languge at all,
    still you can understand rough meaning through this app.
    We have to reboot after installation, which I hate though.

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