How to Install Exodus 5.1 Custom ROM on Xiaomi Mi 4 & Mi 3 – Detailed Instructions

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]xodus has been one of the most popular custom ROMs of Android in the recent past, mainly because of the fast uptake of Android releases and the stable releases they have been making. In fact Exodus has been one of the BEST custom ROM for the highly popular OnePlus One in our experience and it managed to deliver the best battery life and performance. All of these truly bring devices to life and enhance user’s experience bringing in the near stock Android experience at the same time deliver good performance.

Xiaomi is always slow in their updates and the recent events have been rather disappointing as Mi 4 and Mi 3 did get MIUI 7 but they are built off Android KitKat. If you’re one among the many owners and are sad, worry not! We have Exodus here to breathe life into your devices with the Lollipop version of Android. Following are the detailed instructions if you wanted to try it out.


The following process may lead to data loss and hence we highly recommend you back up all of your data including the ROM too 

There were no obvious bugs in our testing but be warned that this is one of the first cuts and things will improve over time but its good enough for a daily driver

The process and files are SAME for Mi3w and Mi4w

Step 1: Installing a CUSTOM RECOVERY

The stock recovery may pose problems and hence lets flash a custom recovery in the form of CWM. In case you already have a custom recovery, you may move onto Step 2.

  • Download the CWM custom recovery file from here
  • Rename the file to
  • Move / copy the file to the Root location
  • Now navigate to Settings > About Phone > Updates > tap on the three tiny dots on the right hand top corner
  • Tap on “Select Update Package”
  • Now select the file and update
  • Tap on “Reboot Now” – system will reboot now
  • You can confirm the success, once the device boots up, go to Settings > About Phone > Updates : tap on Reboot to Recovery Mode

Step 2: Downloading the ROM and GAPPS files

  • Download the Exodus ROM and MD5 files from here
  • Download the GAPPS file from here [hit on “Raw” to download]
  • Move the three files that are downloaded to the Root location

Step 3: Flashing the ROM and GAPPS files

  • Now navigate to Settings > About Phone > Updates : tap on Reboot to Recovery Mode
  • Select “Wipe and Factory Reset”
  • Then select “Wipe User Data”
  • Once done, select “Go Back”
  • Select “Install Zip” > Internal SD > 0/ > Select the ROM file and confirm to flash
  • Similarly Select “Install Zip” > Internal SD > 0/ > Select the GAPPS file and confirm to flash
  • In case it says ROOT ACCESS LOST, FIX? select YES. The ROM comes with SuperSU inside of it hence no issues

Step 4: First time boot and rock on!

  • Now go back to the main menu and Reboot
  • You should see the X colorful logo and then Exodus
  • Then you will see the following message : Exodus is starting, Optimizing apps
  • You should then see the home screen – you are all set to rock on now 🙂

We have tested the ROM for 2 days and it looks to be good! Watch this space for more updates and we will answer your questions via comments

Here are some screenshots of Exodus ROM running on Mi 4 with the famous Forto Theme for CM 12:

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  2. amrj says:

    I\’ll ask Master
    I was install Exodus rom i think its very nice.
    But when i try to use fake location app and i turn off the fake location app the original of my location is not turn back. Please tell me whats happening with this, N how to fix that cause i\’am very need of my original location is always back or always good. Hhhe thank 🙂
    *I hope i can find the answer*

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