How to Manually Install Cyanogen OS 12 (CM12S) on OnePlus One

Alright, after months and weeks of eagerly waiting for the CM12s Android 5.0 Lollipop update here were are finally at the moment where Cyanogen has released the CM12 Lollipop and OnePlus One will be the FIRST phone to receive the OTAs officially. Last morning Carl Pei, the CEO of OnePlus tweeted that the roll out would start soon as the ROM went thru certification.


While there is no specific logic that we know of which is followed for the OTAs to be pushed, lots of Indians too have received it as promised by Carl and Vikas the Indian GM of OnePlus. We know you would be very eagerly waiting for the update to arrive to your device but in case you are short of patience and want to go full throttle on the Android Lollipop you’ve been wanting to taste from so long we have some good news for you! Using the following instructions, you can get your OnePlus One onto the CM12s and believe us, it is a breath of fresh air with lots of improvements like app themer and such. CM12s has adopted lots of things from the official Android Lollipop and folks who’ve been on the CM12 nightlies have been giving good reviews on it. Alright enough of talking lets roll you down to the instructions.


  • Make sure your phone is charged
  • Proceed with extreme caution and follow each step correctly.
  • Back up all of your data (just in case, and always safe to be cautious than sorry!)

Guide to Update OnePlus One to Cyanogen OS 12 Lollipop OS using Stock recovery – 

Requirements – OnePlus One running stock recovery and stock ROM

Step 1: Download the official CM12s ROM for OnePlus One “” from one of the mirrors below:

Step 2: Copy the downloaded file onto the device memory – suggest you to copy it into the root folder

Step 3 : Flashing the OTA using Stock Cyanogen recovery

1. Turn off your device

2. Reboot into stock recovery – Press and hold the Power+Volume Down rocker and release once you see the OnePlus logo

CM Recovery 6

3. Select Apply Update (Tip: Use volume buttons to navigate and power key to select)

4. Select Choose from internal storage

CM Recovery 2

5. Select ‘0/‘ which is the internal storage

6. Select the file ““. The ROM will be flashed and you should be seeing the Android Bot

CM Recovery 4  CM Recovery 5

7. Once installation is over, go to main page and ‘wipe cache partition‘.

8. Then select Reboot system now

Once booted, you should be seeing the new Cyanogen logo – Voila! you’re now on the CM12s Android 5.0.2 Lollipop OS on your OnePlus One.

CM Recovery 7

How to Update OnePlus One from Oxygen OS to Cyanogen OS 12 using TWRP –

A lot of OPO users are confused as whether it’s possible to update to CM12 from Oxygen OS using TWRP recovery or not. In case you use the wrong file or a firmware you may brick your device if you’re upgrading from Oxygen OS to CM12s. But the below procedure lets you directly flash CM12S from Oxygen OS without the need to downgrade to CM11s first. Follow the steps carefully:

Note: The below method will WIPE all your apps, settings, contacts, messages, etc. but the data on your internal SD wont be affected. So, make sure to take a backup.

It is meant for OnePlus One users who are currently running Oxygen OS and want to update to official CM12 ROM. (You can use it if you’ve CM nightly or any other custom ROM installed as well.)

Requirements – Unlocked Bootloader with latest TWRP custom recovery installed

1. Download CM12 Full ROM. Official Link –

2. Transfer the file to the root directory of your phone’s internal storage.

3. Reboot into TWRP recovery – Press and hold the Power+Volume Down button simultaneously and release once you see the OnePlus logo.

4. If running Oxygen OS – Select Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Select “Dalvik cache, System, Data and Cache“. Then swipe to wipe.

If updating from CM12 nightly –  Select Wipe and then ‘Swipe to factory reset’.

5. Go back to Home screen, select Install and then choose the “” file that you transferred in step #2. Then Swipe to flash.

6. Once installation is over, Reboot System.

That’s it! Wait for a while to let the phone boot for the first time with fresh looking CM12 OS. 🙂

Here are few screenshots:

CM12s - 1  Cm12s - 3 CM12s - 4  CM12s - 5

Here are the AnTuTu scores – we are happy to report that the scores are 2-3K more than what we got on the CM11 44s which was around 45-46K range for our device:

antutu1  antutu2

We will be using the device for a week or two and come back with details on performances like battery, gaming and the overall UI. Stay tuned! In the meanwhile if you have any questions do let us know. 🙂

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Cosmic Paladin

Cosmic Paladin is a Tech Enthusiast and a Gadget Freak! From Nokia 3310 from back in the day to OnePlus One today, he has used tons of devices and has dived deep into the nuances of what it takes to make a good phone. As a Product Manager building enterprise mobile and web apps, his passion is music, photography and tech blogging!

109 Responses

  1. Ravi says:

    How can I flash Cynogen OS 12.0 on my OPO having customer recovery (TWRP) and stock ROM.
    Do I have to move back to STOCK recovery before flashing OS 12 .zip file??
    Guide me.

    • daan says:

      Hello, i am having the same issu . Have you found the solution already? Mine is rooted with twrp an stock 11s running. Flashing from twrp with the 12s zip gives me the error too.

  2. Cosmic Paladin says:

    No need to move to Stock recovery.
    Enable developer options in Settings
    Select Advanced Reboot
    Now boot into recovery, perform wiping (If you are on CM11S, Wipe Cache & Dalvik cache) and install the CM12s zip

  3. kaushal says:

    You can simply flash using custom recovery. Flash the update like normal package. Just wipe cache and dalvik cache. You will do good. no need to wipe data and all. 🙂

  4. nikola says:

    thank you so much

  5. Udesh says:

    Is it same as OTA update?? Is their side effect or difference of flashing this instead of OTA???

  6. Maaz says:

    Hey…. Can i flash cm12s without wiping my existing storage data ? Please reply soon.. I don\’t wanna waste time copying whole 64gb storage which is almost full already 🙁

  7. Nicolas says:

    Worked fantastically, thank you!!!

  8. Kyler says:

    Thanks, worked for me!
    By the way… \”Viola!\” I think you mean \”Voilà!\”

  9. Philippe says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

    It does take a long time on the cyanogen logo.. but worked perfectly in the end..

  10. Iwei says:

    can i use this method for my OPO from XNPH25R

  11. Eric says:

    My phone is encrypted and I get an \”Install Failed\” message. It can\’t mount the internal storage to access the update. It appears that the Cyanogen Recovery starts up prior to storage decryption…

    Anyone else having this problem or know a solution?

  12. hafizh says:

    i successfully installed cm12s but why is my app drawer lag?

  13. JeddC says:

    I just flashed the update on my OPO. So far everything feels way faster and snappier compared to KitKat. However, I\’m not able to locate the Maxxaudio Audiofx settings. Can anyone clarify this? Thanks.

  14. spamjit says:

    I successfully installed cm12 but, it is not booting up. It started and i can see \”cyanogen\” for like half hour now. I tried rebootin but still not starting up. I did not wilpe anyhing during installation. Any ideas ?

  15. Dr Anurag Jain says:

    worked great

  16. Ankit says:

    Worked !! Thank you

    I moved from Oxygen Os to Cm 12 using Twrp.

    Cm 12 is too good

  17. Georgi Koemdzhiev says:

    I manually flashed the OTA update from CM11S 🙂 Thank you very much for your help! 🙂

  18. tareq says:

    how do I copy to Root Directory? Is it ok to copy into /Download folder?

    • Mayur says:

      yeah, copy wherever you like just remember the location.

      • Aditya says:

        Why can’t I find the flashable rom in cyngn .com website while here the author mentions the rom is available for download. Is this the official stable built of CM12s or just a nightly build. Is the source trustable

        • Cosmic Paladin says:

          Have you seen the following link mentioned in the article? If not, we would like to draw your attention to it:

  19. tareq says:

    WORKED like a CHARM….Thanks

  20. Mandip Das says:

    1. With CM11S 05Q + TWRP + root in my phone, do I need to wipe Cache, Data and Dalvik Cache or just wiping Cache and Dalvik cache will do the trick?
    2. I have seen that after successful installation of CM12S it asks if I would like to root or not, Should I swipe to keep my phone rooted?

  21. JeddC says:

    I just flashed the update on my OPO. So far everything feels way faster and snappier compared to KitKat. However, I’m not able to locate the Maxxaudio Audiofx settings. Can anyone clarify this? Thanks.

  22. Aditya says:

    Man why can\’t I find the flashable rom in website while here the author mentions the rom is available for download. Is this the official stable built of CM12s or nightly build. Is the source trusted?

  23. ninad says:

    I am not geek… I don\’t know much about custom recovery and all the phd things about installing custom rom.
    Tell me the exact procedure please.
    1. Is it needed to root ?
    2. How to install twrp ?
    Please tell the which is simplest procedure. And please show detailed steps…

  24. Mário says:

    No swiftkey. This is not the 12s, this is a nightly. You shouldn\’t fool people because you really know what are you doing: promotion to your website.

    • Mayur says:

      Your silly comment doesn’t even deserves a reply. You appear like a noob saying this without even trying it out first.

    • Cosmic Paladin says:

      1. We can CHANGE the keyboard to our preference in the ROM and we love the Google Keyboard
      2. You may follow the steps mentioned in the article and find out for yourself if its the real deal!
      3. At least 80 folks have used the steps and happy to report it all works fine
      4. Happy Flashing 🙂

  25. Sankar says:

    I got an error saying \”Error executing updater binary in zip…….\” What to do..?

    • Cosmic Paladin says:

      I guess you are using twrp? If so:

      1) Advance Wipe > Wipe cache,data, system, dalvik partitions
      2) Select zip file and flash
      3) You will get Error E: Installation Failed ( Don’t panic here)
      4) Go to Reboot menu > Select Reboot to recovery. Then it says no OS install but reboot anyway
      5 ) After rebooting in recovery Flash again the Zip file without wiping any partition

      Let us know if it worked.

  26. NaviN says:

    Thanks for the Awesome update.. I am installing it right now.. its Just showing Android is updating \” optimizing app 109 of 184 \”…

    My doubt is that, Is this the same as which we are suppose to receive in OTA ? if there is any future official update like CM12.1 etc will I get it in OTA ?

  27. Georgi Koemdzhiev says:

    Just a question, so the very first method (very top) is exactly the same process as the OTA process itself, am I right? Thanks 🙂

  28. sandeman says:

    Guys, if you wanna help me out?

    I am on a rooted 1+1 with Twrp and on stockrom (11.0-XNPH05Q) with franko-kernel.
    is it save to say to download the and flash in Twrp or do i need a different .zip? (is wiping cache and dalvik needed?)

    Thanks in advance!

  29. andrea.coi says:

    Could you confirm this OTA is a no-wipe update?

  30. Charlie says:

    Thanks a lot for this guide. Managed easily to upgrade manually…as I still did not get the official update.

  31. memphis says:

    what if i have no os installed, ive tried the adb method but keeps failing

  32. Johanes says:

    Do you mean Root Fover by side wide sd card folder, why i cant paste zip file there.. always shown that memoru full , or maybe just put in zip file to sdcard ?

  33. Tommy says:

    thanks for the guide it works like a charm

  34. Kaka says:

    Worked perfectly fine if you have never tried to flash your opo before.

  35. You don\’t need to wipe anything but the cache, and that may not even be necessary. I used twrp with a rooted phone, reflashed busybox and supersu when I flashes CM12 and lost nothing but a theme that wasn\’t CM12 compatible. Accidentally got a second Supersu since I forgot CM12 already had one.

    I would still back up, but you only lost stuff if you wipe it. Maybe this step isn\’t needed on rooted phones, but using twrp instead of the stock flasher isn\’t what makes you lose your data. the wrong instructions telling you to erase it is the problem!

  36. Jason says:

    Is it me or is the boot time significantly slower after the update to cm12s from cm11s.

  37. Jacob says:

    I’m on stock cm11s and it fails every time. Any ideas?

  38. Vaibhav says:

    hey i have 05Q with cwm/philz recovery installed. will i be able to install cm12s on it using the above method, or will it cause any prob? the phone is rooted. the zip file is official ota, right?

    • Vaibhav says:

      i also want to wipe all data i.e. do a clean install..and i want the device to bre rooted after installing cm12s…sorry for the trouble…thanks…

  39. pjpinella says:

    Brilliantly simple, thanks so much for posting this info. I got tired of waiting and waiting for the OTA update. Now I\’m running Lollipop!

  40. alex says:

    do i need to root for the first method??? please answer

  41. Jacob says:

    Stock o5q cm11s
    Redowbloaded 4 different times now
    Each time it does this
    I see the Android and the green bar goes across for around 5-10 seconds then it says this…..

    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to verify whole file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    Any ideas….please reply!

  42. Jesse says:

    WOW this worked as a charm
    I am not as geeky when it comes to android but this was just perfect
    It took just 10 mins. to work
    Thank you so much guys 🙂

  43. Parker says:

    Stock, no root.

    Followed instructions exactly.
    Used first link.
    Now when I reboot I just get the 1+ Logo over and over, trying to reboot.
    Nothing happens!

    HELP! I need my phone!!!!!

    • Parker says:

      Well- I decided to just wipe and factory reset from recovery.
      Interestingly, the Lollipop update was applied.
      All my apps had to be downloaded again BUT all the data in memory (pics, music, etc.) was not erased.
      Not idea what happened.

  44. Sebastiao says:

    Good afternoon,
    OTA is work! 🙂 .
    I wonder if this process also serves to install versions CM12 eg:
    Ty Sebastiao

  45. Raul says:

    Worked properly
    But I do get an error for WiFi sometimes, when I try to connect via WiFi it shows an exclamation mark

    During user switching it lags, the process doesn’t happen quickly

    Will we get the coming otas directly or we’ll have to flash it again?

  46. Kabir says:

    I\’m trying to flash it with stock recovery but each time it says E: footer is wrong and E: signature verification failed. Installation aborted.

    Phone : Oneplus one – No root. brand new running Cm11

    Please help.

  47. Gajanan says:

    After I flash this will I get further OTA updates like other stock phones?

  48. aayush says:

    whenever i try to install the package in step 1 , it says
    Install failed
    Finding update package …
    Opening update package …
    verifying update package …
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature just after the android bot loads for 4 5 secs

  49. Jason Lioh says:

    I did a clean installation of Oxygen OS through TWRP. After fiddling it for couple of days, I didn\’t like it and wanted to go back to CM12 or CM11S.

    I did a format (Wipe -> Advanced Wipe and etc), sideloaded a signed CM11S ROM and tried to install. However, there\’s an error, missing MD5.

    Now, no matter what I did, it\’s still missing MD5. I am unable to go back to CM11S or CM12 and am now stuck with Oxygen OS.

    Please help.

  50. TinMan says:

    This may be a stupid question but want to make sure I understand correctly. When you download and manually install CM12 (really any ROM) from one of these sites, it is generally the complete package, right? In other words, it generally accounts for all incremental updates that may have come over the air, that may not have been downloaded and installed (by me). Is this right?

  51. tanay says:

    This was smooth… But I am finding no signed zips for the 12.1 ! I dont want to flash my phone. What should I do?

  52. Giovanni says:

    I used your method and it worked just fine, a few days later, an Old update finally arrived, but now I wonder, can I use the same method to update from the update I received OTA to the newest nightly? Or do I have to root and install a custom loader?

  53. Pradeep says:

    Hi I too updated to CM 12. But since then WiFi is not working. I downloaded a file from net for fixing error. But unable to flash it as it shows error – e footer is wrong & configuration is wrong. Pl advise.

  54. Mayank says:

    I earlier have oxygen Os and now i upgraded to CM12.When i am trying to install updates of CM12 it restart phone in TWRP.Please help me out in updates.

  55. PC says:

    I have a rooted phone with kitkat (version11)

    I want to install the cyno 12. Shall I follow the procedure as :

    1) download 12 on my phone
    2) reboot to recoery
    3) select the file while I\’m in recovery
    4) cyno 12 installed.

    Do I need any other step here. If yes, can anyone please explain in detail

  56. rakesh says:

    i have updated to cm12.1 and uninstalled truecaller service of 1mb. now i want truecaller without factory reset,so i download cm12.1 again and going for update directly has mentioned above but after step6 i am getting error and failing to update i dn’t want any recovery or bootloader i just want to update is it possible how(i want to keep my opo software has it was from company itself i dn’t wanna change anything?

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