How to Clean/Unclutter your Gmail Inbox Screen ?

Most of you might be using Gmail as your mail client, as it offers incredible features unlike other email clients do. You can make your Gmail Inbox Screen look cleaner, by disabling some functions.



Gmail, by default shows snippets aka some words from email message. This makes the Inbox screen too cluttered with huge texts. You can choose to show, only the Sender name and Subject of emails.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings link in Gmail.
  • Choose the General category.
  • Make sure No indicators is selected under Personal level indicators:.
  • Select No snippets radio button under Snippets:.
  • Click Save Changes.

Also decrease the number of mails shown on Inbox screen, to make Gmail look more cleaner. For this, go to Settings >General tab and reduce the value of Maximum page size to 25.



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  2. Gagan says:

    well, sometimes I recognize the mails by reading those words from email message only…

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    Very useful information, always good to learn more.

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