How to Disable the Camera Shutter Sound on Android

The camera shutter click sound integrated by default on Android is the most annoying and loud sound produced when taking a picture. Unfortunately, there is no way to mute the creepy camera sound on an unrooted Android device unless you switch it to silent mode, literally to take some photos. However, if you’ve a Rooted device or are using Cyanogen Mod (CM) custom ROM on your Android phone, then you can completely disable the camera click easily and take shots silently without disturbing your mates.

This is a pretty simple method that just requires rooting and not any complex tasks. It should work on most Android phones (rooted) and those running CM7. We’ve tried it on LG Optimus One with void #forever custom ROM installed and it worked perfectly.

Steps to Turn Off/Mute CyanogenMod Camera Sound on Android Phone –

1. Install ES File Explorer on your phone.

2. Run ES File Explorer, go to its Settings > Home Directory. Change the default value (/sdcard/) to (/).

3. Then navigate to bottom of settings and enable ‘Root Explorer’ option. Click Yes when the Experimental Feature box pops-up to grant it super user permissions. Also, tick mark the ‘Mount File System’ check box to mount the system as writable.

ES File Explorer_settings

4. Next, open the Local directory in ES File Explorer. Navigate to:


ES File Explorer_local

5. Tap on the camera_click.ogg file and rename it to camera_click.mp3.

That’s it. Open the camera and take a snap. Voila! No more shutter sound. 🙂

Tip: If you’re using CM 7.1.0, then you can now quickly disable camera shutter sound from settings: Settings > CyanogenMod settings > Sound > Mute camera shutter.

Source: CM Forum


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5 Responses

  1. plaban says:

    Does this technique work on Tablets running Honeycomb?

    • kayswiss says:

      Yeah, it should work. Basically, you’re forcing Android to become unable to find the sound resource (camera_click.ogg), and thus, the sound isn’t played (because it looks for camera_click.ogg, while camera_click.mp3 exists).

  2. Ankit sharma says:

    \”Task Failed\” that\’s the message I am getting while renaming it.

    And also when I am deleting it same message is popping.

  3. anagha says:

    the root file cannot be enabled on lenovo k3 note

  4. Ankita says:

    the root file cannot be enabled on lenovo k3 note after marshmallow update
    Secondly, \\”Task Failed\\” that\\’s the message I am getting while renaming it.

    plz help

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