How to Enable Google Instant results in Chrome Search bar

Recently, Google Instant was introduced by Google which shows search results instantly as users type the search term. Instant can currently be accessed only from but if you’re running a test build of Chrome browser, then you can get the Instant search results right in the Chrome’s omnibox (address or search bar).

Currently, Instant can be activated via Labs in the beta/dev/canary releases of Chrome on Windows OS. To enable it, type about:labs in the address bar, enable the ‘Instant’ option and restart Chrome. Now search to see the amazing Instant search results.


Check the video below to see Instant in action on Chrome –

You can expect to get this useful feature soon in stable releases of Google Chrome.

via [Lifehacker]


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4 Responses

  1. Alvin B. says:

    I’m using what I *thought* was the latest beta, 7.0.517.24 – but the only thing on the about:Labs page in my Chrome is the useless Side Tabs. The rest of the listed options aren’t there, and I’ve got no instant in the address bar. What gives?

  2. Abhishek says:

    I am using the 7.0.517.24 Beta version of Chrome and i am getting Google Instant facility in it from the moment i installed it few months back.

  3. Whiztechy says:

    I have tried this and i would recommend that if someone is chrome lover he/she should try out too.I found it useful atleast. Nice share 🙂

  4. Vipin says:

    I also tried this, its nice, i would recommend to use it. Thanks for sharing.

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