How to enable java plugins in Google Chrome

One of the problems in chrome is that of plugins, currently java applets don’t load. Here is the solution

Currently, Google Chrome supports the most popular plug-ins necessary to display the Web correctly, including Flash, Acrobat Reader, Java, Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime, and Silverlight.

Many websites use the Java plug-in. Google Chrome requires Java version 6, update 10. Please note that this is currently a beta version and may be more unstable than some previous version of Java. To download this beta version of Java, visit

Plug-ins are enabled by default. If plug-ins are enabled and Google Chrome detects a missing plug-in for a webpage, it’ll prompt you to install the plug-in at the top of webpage:

Click the Install plug-in button to download the plug-in. The download occurs and installs silently in the background. Once the plug-in is installed, the webpage reloads to display properly. To dismiss the message, click the x icon at the end of the bar. [ Source ]

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  1. Pratyush says:

    Bullseye Mayur, I have been having that problem since morning. Thanks for the solution. Also I love the new download program of Google Chrome. It Rocks.

    Pratyushs last blog post..All about Google Chrome – The new Open Source Web Browser by Google

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