How to Exit Chrome Full Screen Mode in Mac OS X Lion

If you’ve recently updated your MAC to OS X Lion and are using Google Chrome browser, then you must have noticed a full-screen mode icon at top-right corner of it which is also present in several other apps. Chrome for Mac hasn’t got full-screen functionality yet but Lion seems to have done the needful but with a glitch. Yes, you can of course run Chrome in full screen window on 10.7 Lion but the Esc button doesn’t exits the full-screen and the only way that seems to get back to normal screen is to Quit Google Chrome which you would hate to do.

chrome-mac_full-screen button

Well, there is a keyboard shortcut to bring Chrome out of Full-screen on Lion. While in full screen, press the key combination Cmd+Shift+F to switch Chrome to normal screen mode. Alternatively, place your cursor at top to show up Menu bar for Chrome, open View and select ‘Exit Full Screen’.

chrome exit full-screen_lion 10.7

We hope Chrome team soon integrates this nifty feature properly to Chrome.


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  1. Kiran says:

    simply we can do it by esc button or by space button in keyboard

  2. Are you having a MAC or using a hackintosh PC?

  3. Are you having a MAC or using a hackintosh PC.

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