How to Fix – No sound problem with Songbird on Vista

Songbird is truly a unique music player which promises to be the SongbirdFirefox of media players. I’m a big fan of songbird as it offers support for various useful Add-ons like Firefox browser does.

After using Songbird for 2-3 days in Windows Vista, I encountered a problem with it of not giving out the sound. The song started playing but I was unable to hear any sound. Then I checked it using Windows media player and the sound was perfectly coming.

This is probably a issue with Songbird. To fix this problem, just open songbird > click Tools tab > select Clear private data.

Fix no sound problem in songbird

clear private data

That’s it. Now your songbird should produce the songs sound without any problems.


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4 Responses

  1. anonym says:

    still no working fucker

  2. Joel Mitchell says:

    This should be done during installation, so Songbird has a stupid bug

  3. smilla says:

    # No sound in Windows Vista / 7:
    In some cases, Vista mutes Songbird. Open Songbird, then left click the sound icon in the task bar, select ‘Mixer’ to see if Vista muted Songbird.

    That was the problem in my case, after all. Stupid Vista. After one simple click, everything works perfectly fine again.

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