How To Hide or Make Invisible Folders in Windows ?

If you want to hide your folders to keep them away from access by others then here is a great trick to do it. It can be done without installing any software or doing any hack.

Windows also offers a way to hide our folders through Folder options but it is not too secure as it can be seen by enabling the Show hidden folders option. So we will make our folders invisible.

Follow the Steps Below:

  1. imageCreate a New Folder .
  2. Right-click on the folder, and click on “Properties” > “Customize” > Change icon and select icon as blank space.
  3. Now Rename the folder and press Alt0160 simultaneously (use the numbers from Numpad).
  4. You will see the folder name disappear.


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4 Responses

  1. shitu says:

    Use Alt 255 rather than Alt0160 .
    Its the ascii value of space.

  2. Mayur says:

    @ Shitu
    Thanks for giving your nice advice.

  3. salman says:

    this stuff is surely not for me.. he he heeee

  4. mark says:


    love it but i have found one more article on another blog
    lokes same to me and i thought it also covers the bug in laptops

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