How to Manually Update Indian Mi 3 to MIUI 6 Official Stable ROM

With the launch of Mi 4 in India on Jan 28th, Xiaomi also started rolling out the much awaited MIUI v6 Stable ROM update for Mi 3 users in India. Some users have already got the latest MIUI 6 update on Mi 3W in India while others are stuck with MIUI 5. If you can’t wait anymore, then you can have it right now by installing the Stable MIUI v6 OTA update manually on Mi 3 Indian version. The update isn’t available on MIUI download portal yet but the link for official OTA zip file is out now! The update sized 542MB will update your Mi 3 in India from MIUI 5 version: KXDMIBF34.0 to MIUI V6.3.2.0.KXDMIBL (Stable).

30-01-2015 12-34-10

MIUI 6 is big update with significant changes in terms of looks as it features an entirely revamped UI, several new features, improvements and bug fixes. It’s based on Android 4.4.4 (KitKat).


Note: This update is meant only for the Indian Mi 3 WCDMA variant.

Best part is that none of your data including the installed apps, apps data, and other settings Will Not be deleted as you’re simply installing the official OTA package.

Installing the Stable MIUI 6 (v6.3.2.0.KXDMIBL) Update on Mi 3 in India –

Note: Flashing a newer version of MIUI ROM doesn’t requires to wipe data, but flashing an older one does. So, as you’re updating to a newer version wiping is not needed. Make sure your phone is charged.

1. Download the MIUI 6 v6.3.2.0.KXDMIBL Stable ROM full package.

2. Place the downloaded file in the downloaded_rom folder on internal storage.

3. Open Updater app, press the Menu button. Then tap on ‘Select update package’ option and choose the downloaded ROM ( Click on the ‘Update’ option, wait for the update to complete and then Reboot to finish.

Voila! After rebooting your Mi 3 should load up with MIUI 6’s entirely new flat user interface.

Screenshot_2015-01-30-12-46-43  Screenshot_2015-01-30-12-49-22

Note: Be patient after reboot as Mi 3 will take a while to boot up.

Credits: MIUI Forum


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45 Responses

  1. Dr Anurag Jain says:

    very useful

  2. ganesh says:

    Thanks mate, I was wondering why I wasn\’t getting the update. This helps!

  3. Dinesh says:

    It really worked beautifully, thanks a lot

  4. Nitin says:

    hey bro, just wondering – i have my mi3 on wcdma china version, i can also update to this version using above mentioned method, mine is rooted with CWM recovery ?

  5. Satyajit says:

    Is it a stable version of MIUI 6 for India or a developer version

  6. chandan says:

    Hi Mayur,
    Sometime back I installed screen cast on my mi 3 . I had to root my phone as suggested by you in an article on webtricz(thank you).
    After that my miui version showing as KXDMIBF 34.0 instead of official KXDMIBH 34.0. (BTW you have mentioned KXDMIBF 34.0 in this article). Just want to confirm will this have any effect on my MIUI V 6 update. Since you have mentioned KXDMIBF 34.0 in this article so I think I am safe…

  7. Siddhartha says:

    i have a query, the new UI will be in English or Chinese?
    and Google Play will be there or get deleted after update??

  8. Mayank says:

    Does it have any known bugs?
    As stated earlier Xiaomi had updated the version to v6.4.9.
    Anyhow. Great job.

  9. Tarun says:

    I am running the Developer Rom 5.1.30 (MIUI6) currently – can I install this stable version over this without doing a factory reset?

  10. Siddhartha says:

    Hello Mayur,
    Thanx for your info..
    I flashed the ROM. Its Working Fine but there is no mirror camera option, while botting blue screen blinks, swipe up to open gloabl search is absent, notificaion bar is completely opaque which I found in some screenshots to be little transperent and the last, online music option is absent in music player.
    Are these bugs?
    And will we get the official OTA updates through Updater App on this Global ROM?

    Siddhartha Vedpathak

    • Mayur says:

      Hi Siddhartha, the mirror filter is there when you swipe towards left in camera. Blue flick while booting is there in stable as well as Dev ROM. Long press home button to open Google Now. Status/notification bar is translucent only when on homescreen or lockscreen. Yeah, online option doesn’t seems there in stock music player.

      These aren’t bugs actually, several features you see in Developer ROM aren’t soon added to stable ROM. Yes, you’ll get official OTA updates just like before.

  11. satish says:

    Hi mayur,
    I have purchased my mi3 directly from China so the phone comes preloaded with Chinese ROM. Then I have installed Indian ROM in it. Every thing is going good but some things like themes menu still comes in Chinese font. Now I want to update ROM with Miui 6.. What should I do now so That this problem will not comes…

  12. Virendra says:

    Hi Mayur,
    Thank for update.
    I want to know why this update is not available on official website

    If official stable update released then it should be there. right?

    And from where you get this update.

    Please help me for my confusion.

    • Mayur says:

      It’s official update and you can figure that out by comparing the download URL. As it’s a major OTA update, it’s rolled out in batches and isn’t made available soon on website. Coz an OTA rollout can be halted if they see some serious bug with the update.

  13. amar says:

    is this one is official update file ?
    pls give me ansr

  14. Sachin says:

    Hey I directly Upgraded from MIUI v5.Version 16 to MIUI V6 Version6.3.2.0.KXDMIBL.
    It will be okay na??

  15. Pranoy says:

    ddid the update effect the battery backup????

  16. Amit says:

    Thanks….. The update went really well.

  17. ravi says:

    Do we lose any data while doing this update manually.. like contacts, msging

  18. akshat says:


    what is the updater app that you mentioned in the second point.


  19. kanishk yadav says:

    Do further ota updates are available in this rom???

  20. Mahendra says:

    as i ask with the xiaomi customer support they are not advice to update manully.

  21. Ravi says:

    Thanks!! v6 looks great…

  22. Vijay Kumar Sahu says:

    After updating my mi3 tothis V6. I am facing problems like Gmail, whatsup and some other are not working showing message like (Unfortunatelly Gmail Has stoped) . Can anyone help me out on this. Plz reply

  23. chandan says:

    Hi Mayur,
    On the basis of your article , I rooted and unrooted my MI 3. But MIUI version changed from KXDMIBH 34.0 ( Stable) to KXDMIBF 34.0 . I also installed SCREENCAST as suggestedbby you in an article.
    Now I want to revert back to KXDMIBH 34.0 (Stable). and I also want to delete SCREENCAST.
    PLZ suggest how to revert back to KXDMIBH 34.0 (Stable).


  24. Dinesh says:

    I update my mi3 from developer miui 5 to above miui 6.

    Problem occured:-
    1. Google Products not available.
    2. process stopped error.

  25. Shashank says:

    I am on the Chinese Dev ROM ( 5.2.13| Beta ). I want to switch to the Indian ROM(lately I am finding this dev ROM a bit sluggish). Now instead of using CWM can I directly \”Reboot to Recovery\” using the \”Updater\” app which is pre-installed and \”wipe and reset\” then install the .zip ?? Thanks

  26. shah says:

    Im using mi3 with root v34. Can i update the miui v6 that officially can update in the package update. What happen to my root.

  27. Piyush says:

    Hi Mayur,

    After installing the MIUI v6 on mi3, how we can root ? I need to root as buttons in the bottom are not visible so I have enabled the virtual button as per the link –
    Not sure if it works on v6.


  28. Mohsin says:

    pls help me out i need stock rom for redmi note 3g pls shear me the link for stock rom

  1. January 31, 2015

    Will Xiaomi Mi 3 in India get a Miui 6 update? If yes, then when?

    Mi3 phones in India are getting miui6 OTA updates as per many reports… I haven’t got mine yet. 😉 However, if you are a bit impatient like me then you can go through following article to upgrade to miui6 stable version for India…

  2. February 5, 2015

    […] Xiaomi stared the rollout of MIUI 6 Stable for Mi 3W in India. As promised, Xiaomi has now released the much awaited MIUI v6 stable update for Redmi […]

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