How to measure screen size of LCD Monitors, Laptop & TV

Most people don’t know how to measure the size of displays like LCD monitor, laptop screen and LCD TV. It is always advisable to measure the screen size before buying a display device because some manufactures lists inappropriate size.          

measuring LCD monitor     measuring Laptop screen      measuring LCD TV screen

So How to measure ?

1. Take a measuring tape or ruler (for small screens).

2. Hold the tape diagonally (from top left corner to bottom right corner) on the viewable area (the glowing screen only not the borders) of the monitor or LCD screen.

3. Now write down the accurate size in Inches or Cm (Centimetre).

Hope you got the right way now 😀


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  1. lol … that was a good advice. its very normal thing but still sometimes we get confuse or dont get this much small things correctly.
    i need to check my dell laptop screen size now … hehe

  2. Thanks for sharing I always measure screen size before purchase

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