How to search StumbleUpon without the toolbar

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StumbleUpon has always helped the bloggers, geeks and computer enthusiasts to find new sites of their interest. The search function in the toolbar is too powerful as it acts like a social search engine where it’s not the computers that review the pages, but a community of millions.

Recently StumbleUpon made some major changes by introducing some new options and creating a virtual new toolbar to support Google Chrome, Opera, Safari or other non-compatible browsers. However, the search option was still unavailable without a toolbar. So let’s see, how to search StumbleUpon without a toolbar.


Search: The trick is as simple as a drag-drop. Just drag and drop this Search StumbleUpon link to your bookmarks bar. Done, now click it to search like you always did in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The trick used is simple, it adds your search term (or the topic searched for) at the end of the query: NAME

Using this trick, one can also create the categories, as shown in the toolbar.

Some examples:

Using the above trick one can also make a full StumbleUpon toolbar for Chrome, Opera, Safari or just use it to keep Firefox bookmarks-bar space clean.

To add other bookmarks for “Thumbs-Up” or “Reviews”, see them here.


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    Thanks Mayur for linking back , I love StumbleUpon but love Chrome more :D.

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