How to show Tabs below the Address Bar in IE9 [Tip]

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 by default has a common toolbar both for website address box and Tabs, thus giving users more space by removing the individual toolbar for Tabs. But some users may not like this new functionality because it shortens the width of address box preventing the lengthy site address from being shown completely. However, if you’ve a big monitor and prefer the old tabs bar view, then there is an easy way to get back tabs under the address bar in IE9.

Display Tabs below the One Box in IE9 –

One Box is the place where we input the URL of site to open it or start a search, next to its right listed are the Tabs. To get Tabs below the One Box, Just right-click to the right of the new tab button and select “Show tabs on a separate row” option.

Show tabs on a separate row

The Tabs will instantly appear below the address bar or one box. You can revert back to the previous setting anytime by unchecking the above option.

Tabs under address bar_ie9

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  1. seema sinha says:

    Thanks for the tip.I was struggling to get this thing done.

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