Official list of Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7, Vista & XP

Windows keyboard shortcuts

Most Windows users are not aware of various keyboard shortcuts which can make their task easier. So, after sharing post on:

I would like to share official list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows Vista & XP listed by Microsoft. Windows 7 shortcuts list is not official but it is provided by a Microsoft employee.

Keyboard shortcuts can make it easier to interact with your computer because you don’t need to use the mouse as often.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut List 

Most Vista shortcuts mentioned below also works on Windows 7.

Windows Vista Keyboard shortcut categories:

  • Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts
  • General keyboard shortcuts
  • Dialog box keyboard shortcuts
  • Microsoft keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Sidebar keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Photo Gallery keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Help viewer keyboard shortcuts

Check out Windows Vista shortcuts

List of the keyboard shortcuts available for Windows XP

Source: Microsoft


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