Optimization Tips to Increase Adsense eCPM & Earnings

Google Adsense is the best and easiest way to generate high revenue from sites/blogs with quality content, good traffic and effective SEO tips. Adsense earnings can differ accordingly and may not be same on sites with similar niche, but some simple changes in Adsense ad layout and placement can do wonders, leading to higher earnings!


The AdSense team has posted a six-part video series, with Top optimization tips and best practices that can help you in boosting the eCPM and revenue of your Adsense. Implementing these techniques into your website and Adsense ad layouts can help you in monetizing your traffic and let you quickly earn more revenue online.

Check the 6 Official AdSense Optimization Techniques below:

1. Upgrade to high-performing units

2. Monetize more content

3. Optimize search box placement

4. Opt-in to text and image ads

5. Use link units

6. Opt-in to placement targeting

The above recommended tips are indeed very effective and one must keep testing with Adsense to see what works best for you. via [Inside Adsense]


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  1. Harshad says:

    These videos are really good for those who are not aware about AdSense’s working procedure. The tips suggested in above videos are not new, but can help improve the overall revenue of the site or blog.

  2. Funvblog says:


    Thanks for posting this videos. It will help me lots to increase my adsense eCPM and Earnings as currently it’s very low

  3. good tips 🙂

    I love making $ from AdSense!

  4. saskio says:

    ehm,,,eeeeehm,,,,good and i like your post.thank

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