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  1. Amit says:

    Also ,This is also very bad ,I have to give everyday 50INR ..if it withdraws daily ,What the hell is that? As we are top IT services country but we don’t have even our fully functional system like paypal and if other guys are providing services ,our politicians suing them ,We don’t have guts to make system like paypal? How big IT services country are we ..I doubt it ??

  2. Certainly a bad move from PayPal because now we can’t hold our money for better exchange rate. Seems like it’s the end of PayPal or may be not..!!

  3. Irfan says:

    What they withdraw our fund daily? This might brings a huge lose to the guys like me who earns on daily basis. I wish PayPal makes some changes like they did lastly.

  4. plaban says:

    I’ll not enable this now. I’ll wait for some better alternatives.

  5. Paypal has enforced this auto-transfer since April 2011, atleast thats what their customer support told me, when I raised the same ” what will happen to my funds” , however, at that time, it was a forced action from Paypal, and not something that was made available to users like us to enable.

    I have also had instances where paypal has refunded the 50/- Rs service charge for withdrwals less than 7000K.. after going back and forth on the customer support. However, they declined to make any commnet on why this information was not made available in their webpage, for the public.

    My safest route has been so far, everytime, I have funds for withdrwal, I initate an enquiry via the contact form and confirm the 50/- rs waiver.

    The funny thing is, this refunded amount (50/- a.ka 1.#$ ) is reflected in my paypal balance, and not really useful in anyway, unless i get a remittance for over 7000K

    My conversation with paypal support – Verbatim

  6. Good to know that PayPal is now agree for automatic withdrawal to Indians.

  7. gaurav says:

    hello..have a big question..i earn abt 1$ per i by mistake clicked on auto withdrawl..its enable..cant see any option 2 disable what should i do now?n also if i have 1$ in my how could they move it to my bank..its state bank of india..i thnk min should be 100..right?plz tell me.atleast tel me how to disable it..theres nothng in edit profile to disable it

  8. vishnu says:

    Auto withdrawl is good option. Now all money comes to my paypal account is automatically transferred to My company’s current account. And its auto option for getting funds regularly.

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