Personas offers awesome themes to redesign Firefox

Personas is a free extension for Firefox that adds lightweight theming to your browser. It’s an experiment in personalizing. Personas are lightweight, easy-to-install and easy-to-Mozilla Labs Personaschange "skins" for your Firefox web browser.

It adds huge collection of awesome themes to your Firefox browser which are very simple to use.

Click the screenshot below to view it in full size.

Firefox personas view 

Key Features:

  • You can select a Persona from the dynamic menus and see results instantly without having to discover, select, download or install a separate bit of software or code.
  • Personas can be added, removed or updated by their designers at any time, without requiring a software update.

How to use Personas ?

  1. Click on the fox mask in the lower left corner of your Firefox browser.
  2. Next, select a Persona from the list, or check out the Personas gallery.
  3. You can change your persona as much as you like! Choose a new one from the list or create your own.


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