Run ‘Mac OS X’ on a PC [ Intel or AMD based systems ]

I always wanted to know ‘How to run Mac OS operating system on PC hardware’, specifically on Intel and AMD architectures. Here is a full guide written by Wei-Meng Lee related to this article.

He shows you how to install and run Mac OS X Panther on your PC using PearPC, a free, architecture-independent PowerPC platform that runs on PCs. To check out PearPC’s features, go to the PearPC-PowerPC Architecture Emulator web site.


Steps to use PearPC to install Mac OS X:

  1. Download the PearPC PowerPC Architecture Emulator.
  2. Obtain hard disk images for use with PearPC.
  3. Obtain images of your client OS installation disk.
  4. Configure PearPC to use the hard disk image and the OS images.

See different ways to install MAC OS by some Popular blogs below:

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  3. Install Leopard on your PC in 3 easy steps | DailyApps

Note: All the above mentioned ways worked, but you have to do these process in the same manner as defined by authors.


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    4 Responses

    1. Dilip P. Gangawane says:

      How to install Mac os 10.5 on my amd pc?
      My amd pc conf.
      CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) 8650
      Triple-core 2.31 GHz, 2Gb RAM
      512 Mb Graphics Card,Nvidia
      160 Gb HDD
      Can you tell me, how about my installations

    2. Dilip P. Gangawane says:

      Thank you.!!!

    3. ankit says:

      how to install mac o.s

      amd phenom x2 550
      2 gb ram
      500 gb h.d.d
      please help

    4. mikntwd says:

      How to install Snow Leopard OS X on AMD Phenom x4 965 w/ Asus Motherboard.

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