See who Retweeted your tweets in New Twitter [How To]

We’ve already discussed as How to Find who Retweeted your tweets & Retweets made by you. However, the way to find retweeted tweets has slightly changed in New Twitter interface. Check the below tip to check who retweeted your tweets on new twitter.

1. Login to Twitter and open twitter homepage (Home).

2. Click the ‘Retweets’ drop-down menu and select the ‘Your Tweets, retweeted’ option.

find retweeted tweets_new twitter

3. You will then see All Your Retweeted tweets. Just hover your mouse cursor over the desired tweet and click on the small grey color arrow button as shown below:

persons who retweeted

4. Now the list of persons who retweeted that tweet will be shown in the right panel. Point your cursor over their twitter profile image and click on it to see their profile.

>> You can visit this link to directly see who retweeted your tweets, and to see retweets by you.


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16 Responses

  1. muddledhead says:

    how do i find out who everyone is that retweeted my tweet? It only shows the latest 15 people that retweeted it.

  2. Cyn says:

    Mine says, “Tweeted by blah blah, yada yada, blabbity blabbit AND OTHERS.” How do I find out who the “others” are?

  3. daltonminimum says:

    To see “and others,” i.e., more than the top 15, use Locate the twitter status URL for the particular tweet you want to look up — this will look something like!/MaggieGoodgirl/status/378959015865262. Paste it in the Topsy search box and hit “show more” when resulst come up. Voila! It will list all retweeters, not just the top 15.

    (Note: If you can’t locate the status URL for your tweet, use a search engine. If it has /#!/ in the URL, delete that before pasting.)

  4. Amy says:

    I also see “and others” – no number, no icons of others besides the most recent retweet (the one listed has changed, but the previous one listed has disappeared). Why is this happening?

  5. Gouri says:

    Oops! so simple yet so tricky 🙂

  6. david says:

    how often does it update? my tweet was retweeted today but doesnt show up yet

  7. Sammie says:

    Another useless “feature” of new Twitter. I too get only “and others”. What used to work, no longer does. If they keep “improving” Twitter, it will become completely useless.

  8. mrsjamidicaprio says:

    thank you; this helped a lot!

  9. Shahdnara says:

    Thank you very much! it helped 😀

  10. bec says:

    Hey guys. I found the fix. You can go straight the URL at!/retweeted_of_mine

  11. tuba says:

    can you tell us the way we can see our twwts retweeted in newest twitter. Your pictures ebelongs to old twitter.

  12. Bob says:

    Does this mean there is no way of tracking back tweets you have retweeted (I’m looking for a link I retweeted a week ago) anymore? Damn. New New New Twitter sucks.

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