Shortcut to Clear Recent Documents from XP Start Menu

Sometimes, we want to hide our recently opened documents or files from the Windows Start menu, to prevent others from seeing them. This can be done easily in Vista which has an option to delete all the recent files directly from the right-click options menu of Recent Documents, but in XP it requires more time as this process is required there to remove the recent files. But here is an easy way to do it for XP by creating a shortcut for it. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Notepad
  2. Type cd C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Recent\
    del . ”
    ( without the quotes ). Change Administrator with your user name.
  3. Now save this file as anything.bat
  4. Open this file and it will ask for confirmation. Type Y or N
  5. Make this more easier by placing the saved file in Windows folder and open it from the RUN command.


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  1. Mahesh D says:

    Can you tell me the method of not logging the details into “my recent document” while keeping xp menu in classic mode

  2. salman says:

    thanx man

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