Shorten your Google+ Profile URL with Google Plus Nick

Google+, a new and amazing social network from Google has widespread all over by now and the overall experience on Google Plus is simply magnificent. The conversation barely halts and the people don’t seem to spam much on it, rather care to share useful and interesting stuff with their Circles, Friends and Public.

Google+ indeed comes with a lot of exciting features, most of which are not available yet on other popular social sites. Google+ is undergoing through slight testing and this seems to be the reason why Google hasn’t opened its doors for everyone. One great feature still missing from Google+ is the option to set custom username or set a vanity URL for your profile on Google+. This is much needed because the current profile link includes a long sequence of numbers which isn’t easy to remember for sharing offline, looks appalling on paper, and makes it difficult to identify a profile by its link.

Of course, you can use a URL shortening service to shorten your Google+ profile link but that doesn’t blends with the Google+ name. Fortunately, a new service called “Google Plus Nick” is just out which allows you to easily Make Short URL for Google+ Profile with a cool and smaller domain. One can set a custom username which can be at least 3 to at most 25 characters, and should not contain numbers or special characters.

Short Google+ profile

See example:



So, just make a short link for your G+ profile and share it easily online or offline.

Link – [Google Plus Nick]

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  1. Rajesh says:

    This can be done using too?

  2. sureshpeters says:

    yea dude am using it right now 🙂 thanks for the tutorial

  3. says:

    thanks for info 😀

  4. Hellow, I’m Having a problem, I changed my name while I was offered custom URL option after having 10 followers, after changing of my name it has been disappeared, I need to change my custom URL.. When and how can i get it., I checked many sites and option where we can find claim but I can not get it now.

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