Strata40 – Best Firefox 4.0 theme for Firefox 3.6

You can easily get the mockup of Firefox 4.0 new look on your current stable Firefox 3.6 browser without using any of the pre-beta builds of Firefox 4.0.

Strata40 is a Mozilla Firefox theme based entirely on new Firefox 4 mockups which were released over the Internet. Strata40 brings together the most accurate images taken straight from the Mozilla developers and turns them into a fully fledged, functioning theme. Get it here.

Firefox 4.0 theme

StrataBuddy is a companion add-on for Strata40. It is packed full of features purposely designed to make your browsing experience more enjoyable and as close to the Firefox 4 mockups as possible. Some of these features include Aero Glass effects, new toolbar buttons, new tab bar buttons and a huge range of customization options. Get it here.

StrataBuddy options

Install both the above add-ons to get the best experience of Firefox 4.0 new interface. Use ‘Theme options’ from menu to customize stratabuddy options as required.


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