Tips to Save electricity & reduce Electricity bills

Energy efficiency is great for the environment, plus it can help you to reduce your electricity bills.

Save on Lighting
  1. Make the habit of turning lights off when you leave a room.
  2. Use energy-saving bulbs (CFL’s) that lasts up to ten times longer than a normal bulb and use significantly less energy.
  3. Use solar panels if under your budget.
Save While Cooking
  1. Use a microwave rather than conventional oven, if possible.
  2. Keep the center of the pan over the element, and keep the lid on when cooking on the stovetop.
  3. Only boil the amount of water that you need – don’t waste
Save on Your Fridge & Freezer
  1. Defrost your fridge regularly. When ice builds up, your freezer uses more electricity.
  2. Avoid putting warm or hot food in the fridge or freezer—it requires more energy to cool it down.
Save on Your Air Conditioner Usage
  1. Try increasing your air conditioner temperature. Even 1 degree higher could mean significant savings.
  2. Get air conditioner maintenance each year.
  3. Replace air conditioner filters every month.

Hope these small tips will help you to save your Energy efficiency  in day to day life.

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