Transfer Files to Android phone over Wi-Fi/3G via Drag and Drop using Awesome Drop

Awesome Drop is an online service which uses HTML5 features to let you drag and drop files from your computer to your Android phone over the web. This is really an easy way to transfer files from computer to phone using just a web browser on any OS. No need to connect any cable or memory card for transferring data.

This service is free and No account is required. It works over Wi-Fi and 3G but Wi-Fi is recommended. All the files are stored in the "drop" folder on storage card of phone.

To use it, you firstly need to Download and install the Awesome Drop on your phone. Then make sure Wi-Fi is On and both computer and phone are connected over the same network. Follow the demo video below to see the process in action:

Awesome Drop     via  [LifeHacker]


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  1. Mark says:

    Try PushDoc, it’s a free app that allows to transfer web content and files/directory
    from computer to phone (and viceversa) over wifi.
    With pushdoc you can transfer files wirelessly and manage
    your sd card from pc or directly from the phone (with an integrated
    It works just drag and dropping stuff from computer to phone.
    While surfing the web on your computer, you can select anything
    from your browser and drop it to the phone; if you wish
    you can also convert your selection into different file formats.
    For example, you can drag an article from your browser
    and drop it to the phone as an audio speech file so that
    you can listen that article with the phone.
    PushDoc is free on the market.

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