Video: BitTorrent Explained by Common Craft

It’s a fact that most frequent Internet users and specially novices don’t have any clue about much popular BitTorrent. If you’re wondering as “What is BitTorrent/Torrents” or “How to use BitTorrent” or “How BitTorrent system works”, then you must watch a great explanatory video brought from the smart folks over at Common Craft.

Common Craft doesn’t allows anymore to embed its videos on any site or blog unless we buy a web license. However, you can easily watch the video for Free from their website using this link: BitTorrent Explained by Common Craft


What it Teaches:

This video teaches the basics of how BitTorrent’s technology works to make downloads faster when more people are involved. It includes points on:

  • How files are shared on the web and what makes BitTorrent different
  • The BitTorrent application and how it’s used
  • How trackers, peers and hosts work together to deliver “pieces” of files
  • How anyone can use BitTorrent to share or download files

Hope your doubts clear to some extent after watching their BitTorrent Video. 🙂


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