Why is Twitter down ? Facebook showing errors (Reason)

Twitter, the most popular micro blogging service is down from past 4 hours. You may be thinking as why twitter is not opening ?

twitter down

Reason – According to the twitter status blog, twitter is defending against a denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack). It’s said that, Users will experience some longer load times and slowness. This includes timeouts to API clients.

Don’t worry, they’re working to get back to 100% as quickly as they can.

It seems that at the same time Facebook is also experiencing some issues. I frequently saw the following error while posting to facebook.

facebook error

I’m also worried as I’m quite addicted to twitter 😀 Thanks Keith

Update: Twitter is now up and is opening perfectly 😀


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  1. Neo says:

    Yes came to know through Yahoo..But you updated is earlier i guess..Nice article!!

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