Xiaomi Turns 5 – Launches Mi Fan Festival, amazing deals and surprises for India

mifan3Xiaomi has turned 5 years and wants to celebrate this in a grand way! And why not, for a company just 5 years old, they’ve rocked big sharks like Samsung and Apple off the charts across multiple avenues, at least for some time. They’ve tasted a huge success in India and they’ve changed the rules of the game and set trends for the rest to follow. But the biggest change they made was the mindsets of people – the notion of Flagship Killers. In kicking off the grand celebrations, Xiaomi is throwing parties, giving away gifts to fans and more importantly lots of changes to the way it will run its show on many things for tomorrow in India, all as a part of the Mi Fan Festival (#MiFanFest) much like a Google Online Shopping Festival.

Following are the list of offers exclusively for Indians:

  1. Mi will start selling on Amazon and Snapdeal, in addition to Flipkart. This is rather a surprising move after all the news we heard about Mi.com, Xiaomi’s own eCom portal that has already started selling few of their products in India and across the world. We will have to wait and see how this strategy works but it is definitely interesting times. While Amazon and Flipkart are known for their good services, Snapdeal off late has been in the badbooks for making mistakes ranging from trivial to drastic, that has eventually led to very low trust. They became infamous for shipping a soap instead of a mobile.

  2. Mi 4 – special discount for one day only: Get Rs. 2,000 off on any Mi 4 purchased on April 8 only. Mi 4 (16GB) will be available for Rs. 17,999 (usually priced at Rs. 19,999) and Mi 4 (64GB) will go for Rs. 21,999 (usually priced at Rs. 23,999). Lots of fans were disappointed when the Mi4 was launched at 19,999 INR and went furious too! Seeing this price cut in such a short time, regardless of the offer being valid for a day is going to make them more furious! We are sure many would be heard shouting for a 2,000INR refund! China too saw a permanent price cut on the Mi4. So all those who dropped the idea of a Mi4 for the price, go grab this tomorrow!

  3. mifan2Redmi Note 4G – free Mi Power Bank or Mi In-Ear Headphones for one day only: Receive a free set of Mi In-ear Headphones with a Redmi Note 4G purchased from online partners – Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. Get a 5200mAh Mi Power Bank free with Redmi Note 4G purchased from offline partners – Airtel and The Mobile Store. Great deal this, especially if you end up getting the Mi Power bank. This will revive the sales of the Redmi Note 4G for sure we reckon.

  4. Redmi 2 – open sale with no registrations: Redmi 2 will be available across all partners – Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and The Mobile Store.

  5. Mi Pad is back – open sale with no registrations: Purchase the popular Mi Pad across all online partners – Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon.

  6. All the offers are valid from April 8, 12 noon, and last till midnight.

  7. In addition, Mi products are also available in offline retail channels through Airtel and The Mobile Store

So looks like Mi India has been working really hard in the last few months to achieve all of the above! And in celebrating and expressing their joy, here is what the key people had to say:

Manu Jain, Head of India Operations, Mi India, said: “We are glad to give Mi fans more options to purchase Mi products. We are truly excited to be working with a variety of partners and expect these partnerships to be super successful.”

Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi Global, said: “Mi Fan Festival is a huge online party that we throw every year to bring Mi fans together all around the world for a day of non-stop celebration — it’s our way of thanking our fans for their huge support. We’re super thrilled to have Mi India joining the party this year and look forward to spending many more birthdays together!”

Tony Navin, Senior Vice President, Electronics and Home, Snapdeal.com said: “We are excited to partner with Xiaomi to launch its highly sought-after range of smartphones and accessories to our customers across the country. We believe that the extensive delivery network panning across Tier 2 & 3 cities and towns of India will be of great value to Xiaomi in reaching out to a segment of consumers seeking true value in their devices.”

Phew! who would have anticipated this, Xiaomi going all guns with all of the major eCommerce giants in India, throwing away a Mi Power bank! price cut on the Mi4. While many may whine and complain for having already bought these, there will be much much more who will make use of these deals and walk away happy on Mi Fan Festival and join them in celebrations. This is a good move as it shows Mi really cares for its fans and is ready to bring them in as a part of the celebrations though it will end up making the earlier buyers sad – but that is the way the game works, you get some you loose some. Tell us what you feel about all this and let us know if you have any questions. In the meanwhile, we leave you with a video that Mi India has created to send across a message for you. Watch it here 🙂

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