XLS2CSV Converter – Batch convert XLS files to CSV

xls2csv XLS2CSV Converter is a small application which allows you to easily convert .xls and .xlsx files (Microsoft Office Excel) to .csv files in batch without the need of Microsoft Office. It is fast and free!

XLS2CSV Converter


  • Easily convert multiple *.xls(x) files to *.csv files at once
  • Support for *.xls (MS Excel 97, 2003) and *.xlsx (MS Excel 2007, 2010) documents
  • Maintain directory structure of the source to create a mirror copy or convert all files to 1 directory
  • Choose your own delimiter character(s) and quotation character(s)
  • Convert the first sheet of every workbook
  • Logging capabilities
  • Simple interface with clear progress indicators


Download XLS2CSV Converter


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  1. ceaualbi says:

    In theory looks great, but running under a virtual machine it starts reading all directories for hours and doesn’t finish.

    I am running kubuntu 10.04 as the host, xp is the guest under virtualbox, I have reinstalled XLS2CSV Converter already. Any suggestion?


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