Where does iTunes store/save iPhone Software updates or Firmware files on Windows & Mac

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  1. Philip Lewis says:

    When i get to the roaming folder on WINDOWS 7) i only get 3 options. macromedia. media center programs and Microsoft. not apple computer

  2. ss says:

    After I do that terminal thing in mac how do i make those weird folders dissapeear

  3. Aditya says:

    Great article. Short and to the point. And very helpful.

    Thanks man.

  4. erik says:

    hey, do you know how to change the location of the folder?

  5. Bsquidwrd says:

    Actually for Mac I have found the firmwares without ever having to touch the Terminal. I just browse to /Users/USERNAME/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates and the most recent one is in there.

  6. Matt says:

    For Mac OS you could simply hit Command-G and paste in the box

    ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/

  7. thanks bro i found update but how to get custum firmware

  8. MacBandi says:

    thankkkkkkkk you soooooooooo much

    u r really cleverest iMaker ever ;D

    ?????????? all these apples for u ;D

  9. Rayden says:

    only itunes plug in are there.. no software or ipsw..

  10. Perry Tanko says:

    Hello Mayur, i believe you are mistaken about the updates On Device.
    You’ve heard that /private/var/mobile/ stores most of the user settings, and with a bit of luck found this out with a jailbroken device. BUT (this is really important) somewhere on the device is the push update that Apples sends out. I think you’ve got to accept the updates in iTunes, then accept to install it. So I went digging in the JB device and can’t find the updater file. But sure enough, when connected to INTERNETS apple decided to push iOS7 out to my device. And I’m damn sure that automatic updates for my device was off.

    So where do you think the updater file is stored? Because it’s taking up about 1GB of data on the device, and don’t want to update to iOS7 at this time. And before I forget…
    thanks Apple

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