How I Fixed Loose Back Cover on Moto E

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  1. Suraj Sahu says:

    Is white colour fitting perfectly for u ???? I mean there is no up and down in this …

  2. Nitin says:

    Hello, i just purchased a moto e from flipkart, and i have same problem (loose back cover). But thanks to you, i fixed it by ur method.
    but i didnt recieved any FREE back cover from Flipkart. How can i claim it? Plz help.

    • Ajay says:

      Hello i am too facing same problem ! Can you tell how to claim free back panel ?

      • Mayur says:

        Just write to Flipkart stating your issue and they will send you a free cover. They also sent me a black one yesterday on their own.

        • Karthik says:

          Hi Mayur, My case is exactly similar!. I got the white one as replacement intially and then the black one(named as lacorice though) a couple of days back. But i still face the irritating problem of loose panel. I dont want to follow your trick as i feel uneasy doing that to a new phone. I have asked flipkart for a replacement mobile. Btw is this issue faced by every moto e unit or is it less common?

  3. Ishan says:

    Please Let Me Know if your new back cover is OK or its still loose…

  4. nick says:

    mayur can you tell me how many papers i have to use?

  5. Luv says:

    hey brother
    did you claimed for the new cover from flipkart by talking to customer care on phone or you wrote them to support email for their new cover

  6. sharath says:

    Your new white back cover was given for free or as replacement? I have requested to address the issue, of they want to give white n take away black panel, i don’t want to do that..,

  7. Karthik Chidambaram says:

    Hi Mayur,

    Thanks for this TRICK !! I was unhappy of this issue till few minutes back. Bought Moto E on last friday, 3 days I was irritated, I tried your trick. it worked. BIG THANK YOU !!….

    One more option I found thought will share with you…. palace any of unused Business card at the reverse of the phone (on top of battery) then close it with your supplied cover. DONE !!

    Thanks !!

  8. Niraj Gadhavi says:

    If any1 in Surat City wanna exchange moto e original shells (any colour except black) to a black moto e original shell in sealed condition,contact me.

    I’m looking for red and white colour shells.

    contact me nirajgadhavi @ gmail . com

  9. Vivek says:

    Fix for Moto E back cover issue

  10. abhi says:

    thanx buddy……. my white moto e is now perfectly handy…….. solid fit….

  11. deepak says:

    won’t this trick affect the performance of device? like is it gonna affect the sensors and all?

  12. Bhaskr says:

    Lol !
    It actually works for me, Thanks buddy 🙂

  13. Helen-Louisa Petch says:

    Hi my partner has the moto e, bought today, sadly the back is creaking terribly around the volume keys, as he is totally blind he enjoys his media gadgets and has had many and knows more about gadgets than the guys in the shop. Sadly this squeaking is driving him nuts, paper idea not ok, can you help us please. Thank you

  14. Kshitiz Prakash says:

    Thanks for advise my moto e\’s back cover fits perfectly now. By using some paper.

  15. eddy says:

    thanks so much.. the paper just works

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