How to Verify Authenticity of Nillkin Cases & Screen Protectors

NILLKIN is a popular Chinese company that deals in mobile accessories such as mobile cases, covers, tempered glass screen protectors, flip covers, screen guards and frosted matte hard cases for smartphones. Apparently, Nillkin accessories are widely available in India through eCommerce site like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon India, Snapdeal, etc. but they don’t have an official retail channel in India. Nillkin products are priced pretty high and thus other companies in China tend to manufacture fake aka counterfeit copy of Nillkin products, available at a much lesser price.


Although, one can simply use Nillkin fake products but they won’t offer complete protection to your device and may be cheap in quality. So, it’s always a better bet to spend some extra bucks and buy the genuine product instead that can last longer. But how to identity if a particular Nillkin case cover or screen protector is genuine or fake? Well, you can easily determine that by following the steps stated below:

Guide to Identify Fake Nillkin Products – 

1. Nillkin products comes packed in a semi-hard plastic box. You can judge the box authenticity by its good quality. This applies even for high grade screen protectors.

2. On the rear side of the box, there is a Nillkin hologram sticker either in gold or silver. This is Nillkin’s radium laser original security mark and below it is a anti-mark security coating. Simply scratch the grey coating to find a 20-digit numeric code (16-bit security code).



3. Then visit Nillkin Authentication page.

4. Click the gold anti-fake label if your box has a gold label or else click silver label if box has a silver label on it.

5. Read the scratched code horizontally, enter the 20-digit serial number and fill the Captcha code. Then hit Submit.

23-02-2015 17-23-36

6. Then the site will show a message in Chinese. If on first submission, you get the below result then your product is certainly genuine.

17-02-2015 13-56-19

Copy and translate it to English language and compare against what Nillkin says.

17-02-2015 14-03-18

Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code on box using WeChat app but that isn’t the most easiest way.


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