Minimum age required to sign up for Facebook ?

facebook_logoFacebook is one of the biggest and world’s most popular social networking site. It is officially said that, Facebook has more than 250 million active users.

So, if you’re keen to go for Facebook then you must know your age before signing up.

In order to be eligible to sign up for Facebook, users must be thirteen (13) years of age or older.

If you signup with age below 13 years , then Facebook will reject you and show the following message:

That’s not a big problem as you can extend your age to 13, but it is not advisable to do that. Grow bigger and then apply 😀


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7 Responses

  1. This is a good thing but it wont keep the bad guys away.

  2. Ricky says:

    Don’t tell me that you can’t hide the age on internet. In almost all website the minimum age requirement is 13(excluding adult).

  3. Neo says:

    This has been a while coming…THough it wont stop kids from creating fake profiles by increasing their age..It is a good omen

  4. suresh_i says:

    I know some kids under 12 that are more active on facebook than most adults

  5. Sue H. says:

    I was horrified to discover my grandaughter is now on face book. She is only 8 years old. I am very concerned about what she is accessing. Something needs to be done about this. Surely if this is illegal something could be done about this.

  6. amrinshaikh says:

    why do less den 13 cant sign up for facebook

  7. Yogesh Patel says:

    Well I think anyone who is below 13 can also join the site providing at his/her registration as earlier years than the actual.

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