Download Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

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  1. really like the program but have some questions or hang ups i have about the program is there any other directions besides what is on the web site. i need more info please.

  2. Kamaraja says:

    This duplicate photo finding is fine with my PC with Windows XP. But it is not supporting my new PC with Windows 8. Please give a solution.

  3. Dave says:

    I was previously using Duplicate File Finder for which I gladly paid $40. This program is 10 times faster, and finds hundreds of duplicates that the other program missed. And it doesn’t have the 3,000 file limit. I ran a full scan of 33,000 in 20 minutes. It is so fast that I can now scan folders where the number exceeds 3,000, or it wasn’t worth the time. And it doesn’t get fooled by even medium cropping.

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