FIFINE W9 Review – A feature packed Smart Watch Phone that costs just $140

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  1. Tony says:

    Very interesting I would like to know how mush are the cost of the lenovo phone and how i can get one.W9 watch also.

  2. Mihail says:

    Can You tell me how to connect it to my Android phone to make a bluetooth calls?

  3. Richard Walz says:

    I just received my FiFine W9 but it was setup in Chinese and I can\’t for the life of me figure out how to get it into English? HELP!

  4. William D says:

    I got one from gearbest but it doesnt connect to an android phone. I asked gearbest and they offered to take it back but didnt offer a solution. Obviously it doesnt connect to a phone due to a fault in its software.

  5. Rich says:

    Did you come up with a solution I have same problem it pairs with android phone but I can\’t make calls because it is always looking for moble network like it has a sim card I ddon\’t have sime card R

  6. Richard Walz says:

    My watch was also setup in chinese, couldn’t find a way to choose another language until I happened to eat lunch in a chinese restaurant one day… chinese waiter helped e out.

  7. JONAS says:

    hello I bought my Fifine W9 Smartwatch Phone online, but I lost the charger, impossible to find for sale, can someone tell me where I can find thank you

  8. Thomas Cooper says:

    I purchased my AWatch Comet in November of 2015.
    I love the style and size of the watch but I believe I got a bad unit. I have not been able to get the watch to perform any of the feathers demonstrated in the video. it use to tell time up until 4 months ago when it started changing display faces on its own, with the wrong time. the phone is the only thing that worked consistently. I would love to keep the watch and would gladly pay to get it repaired since I have had it for so long. is there some place I can take it or ship it too, to get it fixed? I purchased an LG urbane 4 months ago because I could not get my Awatch to work (my wife laughed at me every day for wearing a watch that did not work) can anyone help?

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