How to Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Moto G4 Plus

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  1. hitesh says:

    i am new to your blog and found it very informative….

  2. sriniva says:

    Does it work in Moto X?

  3. Aditya Singh says:

    Very Nice Information, thanks

  4. ali says:

    thanks bro

  5. Naveen says:

    it is not working on my phone… Its simple but i do not get the option of share after adding a network. Could you please help me…?

  6. Husein Lokhandwala says:

    doesn\’t show share when i add new network

  7. Amit says:

    Sir I have downloaded this three apps but when I tryed to open test dpc after clicking setup it is saying oops your Android phone is locked by factory reset protection it is saying contact to the it department sir please help me

  8. Dhanaji Sargar says:

    How to recover the gmail account of MOTO G4 + Mobile when phone is formatting or screen disappearing.

  9. vijay says:

    It\’s not showing any share option pls help me

  10. Bhuvanesh says:

    Sorry doesn\’t get share option please reply….. First… Moto xt-1642 ok….

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