How to Enable On-Screen buttons on Mi 3, Redmi 1S and Redmi Note

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  1. milos says:

    On my redmi 1s, after following this instructions, on screen buttons are ok, but they do not hide when some app is in full-screen mode (like ‘youtube’ for ex.)

  2. Akshay P Daga says:


    Is there any way by which we can get on screen key on redmi 1S just like moto G style? (i.e. with transparent background and with auto hide option?)?

  3. Rajesh says:


    I just rooted my mobile and now I got my Onscreen keys after trying the steps you mentioned.

    I screen got broken and all three capacitive buttons stopped working. This now saves my 7000 screen replacement money.

    But now often my Mi3 gets hanged and only after restarting it works normal for while. then again getting hanged.

    I now need you to tell me, if I unroot my device, will these keys will also disable or it still work?

    Please answere me.

  4. Kishore says:

    I really love this. My screen got broken and I could not able to access capacitive screens. This process helped me like a charm and now I could do everything on my mi3. THANK YOU so much for this thread.

  5. mohit gautam says:

    My phone didn\’t root now what should I do to root my phone

  6. A SHARMA says:

    thanks for working solution for Redmi Note 3G on screen keys…
    a sharma

  7. ayesha says:

    after enabling the on screen buttons , I notice that the text , icons on the screen have become smaller, as the same amount of material is going into a smaller screen, as the 3 buttons are occupying about 3/4 cm of space at bottom
    Is this correct or is it my imagination.
    If I again edit the build.prop file and remove the line added will it go back to the original state.
    Ps both sets of buttons are working now the on screen and the off screen

  8. priya says:

    Why my redmi note menu button is not working pls tell me only menu button is not working other buttns are working fine

  9. Bobby Chahal says:

    Hello Mayur. First of all a big thanks for the whole guide. I did break my touch panel of my redmi 1s yesterday and the buttons stopped working. I went to a machenic and he said that he had to replace the whole touch panel and display which will cost me 2500 Rs. But today i just came through your blog and found exact solution.
    Thanks a lot man. Hats Off to you

  10. deep says:

    hi. is this only for redmi note 3g ? because i tried your steps for redmi note 4g however it says file could not be saved.
    do have any solution for redmi note 4g ?

  11. kaushik says:

    i have rooted redmi 1s to cyanogenmod 11 kitkat, does ur trick works here?

  12. aswani says:

    Sir iam also bought redmi on one month before but I have a problem on this is not Worked virtual to pop as demo recharge what is the problem please tell me the process

  13. hamid says:

    hello plz do lemmi know how to enable my red lights on the buttons………of the screen…
    all three buttons should glitter by touching itself but m having problem with it…….its nt glittering so plzzzzzzzz let me know wht to do…?????

  14. hamid says:

    on my redmi2 Button Back light LED not working plzzz help me to get rid off my solution

  15. Any body please help me to root Xiaomi MiPad Indian version….i want to enable on screen soft keys… Capacitive touch buttons are not responsive Enough on MiPad. 🙁

  16. stathis says:

    hi mayur! can you please help me? the capacitive buttons of my mi4 stops working, i done the digital buttons as you sugested and all ok for 2 weeks, now and this stops working, i have sweep and back to factory and try a lot of stable and developmend rooms, still the problem exist, i am desperate….

  17. Rajapandi says:

    In my redmi 1s the off screen and on screen keys are not working I rooted my phone also but its not works any one give solution to me.,


  18. SANJAY says:

    In my redmi 1s the off screen and on screen keys are not working I rooted my phone also but its not works any one give solution to me., some time working perfectly.


  19. Aniruddha singh tomar says:

    Thanks a lot, it worked..

  20. Emil says:

    Thank you so much for that, works perfectly on mi3

  21. saurav says:

    I have Mi3 cell phone. i want to activate the virtual keppad on my phone. for that i took the help from net i downloded the root broswer & then gon in system & then to the build.prop.
    when i type the another line (qemu.hw.mainkeys=0). It not saving . its showing unable to save it. because of this i am getting trouble…so suggest me what to do..

  22. Joel says:

    Note: Step #7 is not applicable for Redmi Note.

    I rooted my mi note 3d(Indian ver), i got the keys on-screen. But i am not able to deactivate the capacitive buttons and activate my on-screen buttons….

  23. sunil lahori says:

    i have redmi 1s
    the 3 functions at bottom of touch pad are not working

  24. vmevada102 says:

    The buttons displayed but still inactive in my Redmi 2 Mobile.

    No keylayout files as displayed above.

    Kindly help me to solve the problem

  25. pendengarhujan says:

    Thanks very help me, i use xiaomi mi2s and work perfectly

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