Guide to Identify Fake Xiaomi Mi Power Banks

XIAOMI, the Chinese company that recently started its operations in India is currently creating a lot of buzz with its flagship smartphone “Mi 3”, a high-end Android phone launched at a highly competitive price of Rs. 13,999. Mi 3 is being sold in India exclusively through Flipkart and it’s next to impossible to buy it, due to intensely high demand and low supply. Xiaomi is also known for their PowerBanks and accessories such as eye-candy covers for phones. Unfortunately, Xiaomi hasn’t introduced their accessories line-up in India yet which is said to arrive with the launch of Redmi 1S. The pricing for their 5200mAh and 10400mAh powerbank is Rs. 799 and Rs. 999 respectively as seen on Flipkart, currently unavailable.

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“The Mi power bank is not just another powerbank.” It features a simple design with aluminum unibody casing that looks premium and beautiful. The device packs premium Li-ion batteries from LG and Samsung, USB smart-control chips and charging/ discharging chips from Texas Instruments for enhanced efficiency. Its surface is water and corrosion resistant, and it’s rigorously tested to withstand 5000 micro USB and 1500 USB insertion/removal cycles. It is compatible with all popular smartphones and tablets, and can automatically adjust the charging port output according to the connected device. Comes in 2 capacity – 5200mAh and 10400mAh with option to choose from seven beautiful colors.

Out of curiosity, I bought a Mi 5200mAh power bank from e-Commerce site ShopClues that costed me Rs. 770 after applying a coupon. It was a great deal for a product that’s not launched yet but my excitement turned into big disappointment after receiving the package. The Mi powerbank sold by Shopclues was FAKE and they denied the refund.

As the Mi powerbank is very popular, its counterfeit copies are being sold openly in most markets at a much lower price. The fake ones are difficult to identify unless you’ve tried a genuine one or are aware of the clones. Luckily, it’s really easy to figure out a duplicate Mi powerbank and there are several ways to do so. Firstly, it’s advisable to buy directly either from Mi official site or an authorised seller. Make sure to always buy a original powerbank as a fake one can be dangerous and is risky for everyday usage.

How to confirm the authenticity of Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Method 1 (Simplest) – Check the originality of the product by looking for the anti-counterfeit label on the box package. Simply scratch the grey coating to find a 20-digit numeric code.


Then visit, select language or directly visit, enter the 20-digit serial number and fill the Captcha code for online verification. Hit the ‘Verify now’ button and it should show that it is Mi power bank, that means your product is genuine.

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Alternative Methods – In case, you don’t have the product box then you can look for other ways to spot the differences between a fake and original Mi powerbank. Check below:

1. See the LED lights, if they glow too bright and are uneven then you’ve a clone. The lights on real one are of even color due to a sheet of white shading paper.


2. Identify using ports – The indicator light holes on fake ones are bigger in size and appear deep black while real one has small. The interior of micro USB on fake one is black while on real one it’s white in color. (Smaller one is fake)


3. The label on fake power bank is darker in color and the font edges aren’t sharp. While on the real one it’s light in color and the fonts appear smooth.


4. Short circuit I/O ports with USB cable – The LED lights on the counterfeit product will glow up and blink when it is short circuited. While LED light do not light up on the genuine one.


5. Check while charging the power bank – While charging, all 4 LED lights one the real product turn off on pressing or holding the power button, and light up again on releasing it. Whereas, nothing like this happens on the fake one when the power button is pressed/ hold on.

6. Check the provided USB charging cable – The genuine cable has a black interior and doesn’t has a Mi logo imprinted. The fake cable has a white interior in the USB port, is flimsy and has a Mi logo engraved into it.


Video – How to identify Fake Xiaomi Power Banks

Source: MIUI ROM Video


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  1. Hi
    It was a very good post
    Thank you.

  2. Avinash says:

    Please help me I just got the PowerBank from eBay nd my code is 25264 74061 11160 95422 please tell me its fake or geniune

  3. sandeep kaushik says:

    I buy a xiaomi mi power bank 5200 mah from Flipkart , l applied all instructions given above and felt amaze that my product is genuine

  4. umashankar says:

    You saved me ! Thanks a lot.

  5. Arya says:

    I buy mi power bank and when i conect a usb to charge ma iphone its lite was flashing

  6. Aditya says:

    I bought a MI 10400 mah power bank from flipkart., and was shocked to find that there was no anti-counterfeit label on the box.
    But the lights were small and the below written codes were light in color
    There was no Mi label printed on the USB.

    So how can I know that the power bank I got from flipkart is genuine or not?

  7. rajat says:

    I have orderd 281438498585 number xiomi mi power bank from eBay it is geuniun or fake

  8. Cpt says:

    I bought one from Chinese website.. without going all these procedures, I realized mine was a fake one…and I just realized there are Mi fake products. I am really disappointed with it.

  9. Niwesh says:

    Please help me I just got the PowerBank from flipkart nd my code is 52838 21601 83456 27711 please tell me its fake or geniune.I checked it on prescribed website but i’m getting it.

  10. Anuj says:


    I bought it from Ebay, it have anti-counterfeit label which seems authentic as per website. BUT most the other symptoms do not hold good.

    IS my product Okay?

    However I noticed its working very good for me.


  11. Pranjal says:
    its a link from ebay,I wanted to know that is this retailer selling original mi powerbank
    please help me!!!!!! its urgent to know,this retailer is selling at the lowers price..

  12. Nadia De Leon says:

    please check if my xiaomi power bank is genuine with these serial numbers: 22400 91363 68896 95222. thanks

  13. Pria says:

    How can I check if it is not fake on (in Chinese)? I am not able to enter verification code in Chinese!

  14. Pria says:

    My code is: 61108 20563 30310 08202. Could you check if pw is genuine? Thank you

  15. Ann says:

    Hi Mayur. This is ann. First of all a VERY BIG THANK YOU for giving all the most important information. Its very helpful. Secondly I m planning to buy MI 10400 mah power bank from a store named Alfa in Mumbai. I personally had been there today to chek for some powerbanks and luckily I found MI. Its into a proper box packing wid that scratch code on one side…its costing me Rs. 999/- but with NO WARRANTY AT ALL. As you know dat we can put the 20 digit code on the Chinese MI website but due to not entering d captcha code it doesnt proceed further. Do u recommend I shud go further and buy dis with no warranty. Kindly reply. As I have seen u replying to most of the users of ur blog hoping for a reply soon. Thank you once again…ann

  16. Anisha says:

    hii mayur, can i buy this from any store in delhi??

  17. Theodore says:

    Hello my friend, I bought a xiaomi power bank too and I wanted to ask you, if it\’s fake or not… I bought it from geekbuying and the steps 3,4,6 are ok..also it has a code when I scratched but I can\’t check it cause of the capchta in Chinese… Is there yet a chance to be fake? Your reply would be very helpful… Thank you in advance!!!!

  18. Vishal says:

    Hi Mayur,
    I am afraid to buy xiaomi power bank as majorly fakes are sold.
    I plan to buy this one whats your suggestion this also gives 6 months warranty.

  19. venkatesh says:

    Hi purchased mi powerbank but could not verify the 20 digit authentication code as the captcha is in chinese. Could you please help me in identifying whether the powerbank is original or not.
    my 20 digit code : 14173 47035 47424 78652

  20. yLe Duc Du says:

    I can\’t do the Chinese either.
    Do you mind checking my code? 77708 66826 17664 40200

  21. lh says:

    bought a XM 16000 mah power bank in shum shui po in hong kong in the golden computer arcade. seems like a legit place so i didnt worry. upon seeing this site i ran it through your tests:
    1. code check fails – shit
    2. holes look small, not as big as the fake one but not as small as the real one. hard to judge from photo
    3. font looks sharp but is darker compared to photo shown against the real
    4. tried short circuiting it and it didnt budge, some relief
    5. the button doesnt do anything while charging
    6. cable has white interior and mi logo engraved
    watching the XM video on spotting fakes, i have also noticed that my one has two rice white coloured female USB ports so i really am scratching my head
    i either got a really good imitation or they have changed some parts of the product

  22. Anriban Jana says:

    please check the my mi Power bank I can’t type the chines captcha

    Do you mind checking my code?
    My product id is – 17315 05571 96802 57014

  23. GrooveHero says:

    Hi Guys!

    Would you be so kind to check my serial number of my 16.000mAh Xiaomi Powerbank?

    The serial is:

    67501 19535 45941 34214

    Thank You in advance!

  24. Marvin says:

    Hi can you check if mine is genuine 17046 – 95791 – 83393 – 04501

  25. abhishek says:

    I have bought it from sanpdeal is it fake???

  26. Steven says:

    Hi guys! Could you pls help me! 🙁
    I\’m not actually sure if my MPB 10400mah is genuine. I tried to veriy it in but they are in need of a chinese captcha which I can\’t read. I tried everything to translate to other website, but it doesn\’t work. could you pls help me? this is my code 80443 96349 12543 93753. Thank you alot!

  27. SURVIVOR says:

    please can you check my code if it is genuine. i cant verify at because the captcha is in chinese.. code is 61224 41564 99703 88315

  28. Jai Dhabalia says:

    Hi Mayur. Thanks for this valuable article. I want to buy MI Power Bank (5200 mAh) from . \”Rocket Kommerce LLP\” is the Authorised Seller on this website for MI Power Bank. Do you recommend to buy it from ?

  29. Vijyes says:

    I am intending to purchase a fake for Rs 300 – a 10400maH one. I am expecting it to have about 3000-4000MaH charge. If it actually turns out to be 3000+mah, I will be in a profit as original Mi costs Rs 520 for 4500mah (5200mah with 90% efficiency). Can you tell me what is the negative of buying fake?? Since you have already purchased it, can you tell me how much approx charge is useable?

  30. Very useful to check my powerbank is original or not? Thanks for sharing!!

  31. noriel says:

    I can\’t check my serial if authentic, it says invalid verification code, I don\’t know if its the captcha or the serial #: 17795 63902 98075 10610
    I need help! Tnx! 🙂

  32. kovid says:

    I just bought mi power bank from shop clues
    I had demanded for refund waiting for reply
    What to do now
    It sure that they will denie to refund

  33. harsh says:

    i am afraid that my powerbank is a fake one.
    i had ordered it from paytm. and it has all the qualities of a fake one that you have decribed.
    the powerbank works only for 30 mins and charges my phone to 40% only.
    Now what should i do to overcome this?

  34. Hello my friend, I bought a xiaomi power bank too and I wanted to ask you, if it\\’s fake or not… I bought it from geekbuying and the steps 3,4,6 are ok..also it has a code when I scratched but I can\\’t check it cause of the capchta in Chinese… Is there yet a chance to be fake? Your reply would be very helpful… Thank you in advance!!!!

  35. mike ola says:

    You can go to that is for English version … Cheers

  36. roti maker says:

    is good, i verified it for you

  37. Vikas says:

    MI power banks purchased from Flipkart (ws retail) are 100% genuine. Rest from eBay paytm or snapdeal are clones and useless.
    A 10400 clone or oem is not capable to charge 2000 ma battery

  38. rishabh says:

    i got a fake mi power bank.

    is it gud to chrge my phn or not plz rply to my mail..

  39. sumanth says:

    Hi Sir
    I am Sumanth I buyed a mi power in paytm does it have fake one or not because I lost all the paper coming through parcel

  40. Rahul says:

    Is this 20 digit code unique? Because we all got the powerbanks as Diwali gift (100 Power banks. The 20 digit code is same for all of them. Also the code is valid on mi website.

  41. Dave S says:

    Just bought the 10,000 mAh from Amazon seller Feeego (HK). Everything appears to be genuine except for the usb cable which is white although it does not have a usb logo.

    I am unable to verify the product because will not accept the English verification code. Could you please check for me? It\’s 35937 26969 42753 37321.

  42. NJ says:

    Hello guys,
    I have entered the 20 digits but nothing happens. I mean no error or verification message.
    Should I assume my product is fake?
    In case of fake product does it give a message something like \”The product you are checking is NOT Mi\”

  43. Duy says:

    Still chinese character. Isn\’t good 😐

  44. xcx says:

    The product you are checking is
    Mi Power Bank
    This security code has been queried 1 times
    is it original or fake?

  45. Ronak says:

    Please check if my mi powerbank 20000 is fake or original……33384 11363 46260 78652…….bought from flipkart

  46. Rakesh says:

    I bought a mi 20800 mah power bank from zookr.
    It\’s price 799..

    Pls tell me it\’s genuine or counterfeit …

  47. manoj says:

    25135806409849066333 is this orginal??

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