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In addition to our everyday tasks like eating, working and sleeping; Downloading has become a daily practice for mostly all users who tend to download GBs of stuff everyday without even realizing it. Talking of power users, their Internet bandwidth consumption is certainly heavy specially those who download movies, videos, software and games from the web. Although, most modern browsers come with built-in download manager but they lack the essential features and some take ages to finish a download. That’s where comes the infamous “Internet Download Manageraka IDM which is an award-winning download manager. IDM is a highly acclaimed application for Windows with more than 20 million users worldwide. We’ve been actively using IDM since a decade now and can vouch for it! So, here’s our review of Internet Download Manager.

Wait! Not just a review but a Giveaway as well for our loyal readers. In partnership with Tonec, WebTrickz is offering 10 genuine licenses of IDM valid for 1 Year. In the past, we’ve conducted few giveaways of IDM as well because it deserves to be on your PC. Those unaware, IDM is a paid software whose lifetime license retails for $24.95 whereas the 1-Year license costs $11.95. Without further ado, let’s proceed with the IDM review.

Internet Download Manager

How IDM works?

Unlike other download accelerators, IDM features an intelligent ‘Dynamic file segmentation’ technology that segments downloaded files dynamically and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages, resulting in a significantly improved download performance. It can increase file download speeds by up to 5 times and offers the ability to pause, resume and schedule downloads.

Functionality & Browser Integration

IDM is a feature rich application with an easy-to-use interface. It supports a majority of file types and all popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera. IDM integrates seamlessly with supported browsers using ‘Advanced Browser Integration’ feature that hijacks the browser’s downloader and takes over any sort of downloads. When downloading a file, IDM will automatically detect it and display its info like the file size in a download dialog. The downloaded files are automatically sorted, can be placed in categorized folders or one can set a user-defined directory to save files. There are instances when IDM fails to catch the right file, in that case one can right-click the file and select ‘Download with IDM’. Optionally, one can drag and drop links to IDM or add a download address directly into the app using ‘Add URL’ option.

Key Features –

Speed Limiter – This comes handy when you’re watching a live stream or browsing web and hence want to limit the downloading speed. IDM lets you do so easily while the download is in process or as a separate setting under IDM > Downloads > Speed Limiter.

Scheduler – Users can add downloads to a queue to download them manually later or automatically at a specific time. They can queue up multiple files for download while the computer is idle and can also set Download limits. Useful for broadband users with unlimited night usage who can set a start and stop download time. [Refer]

Video Grabber – IDM offers an easy and quick way to download videos embedded on a webpage from popular video websites. While watching a video, a “Download This Video” button pops up that lets you download the video in multiple screen resolutions. The IDM download panel in browsers is customizable too.

Site Grabber – A powerful tool which is capable of downloading several types of files at once from a website such as pictures, audio, videos and even the entire website for offline viewing. IDM supports authorization and users can select one of the pre-defined templates or configure a custom template too. They can schedule multiple site grabbing projects to run at a pre-defined time or set the projects to periodically synchronize to remain updated with the site.

Customizable UI – IDM offers a host of customization options and settings for a flexible operation. Users can customize the look and configure browser/system integration options. Hotkeys can be defined to prevent or force downloading with IDM. The right-click context menu for browsers can be edited along with the associated file types and you can specify custom download directories for different categories to keep your downloads organized.

Quick Update – IDM may check for new version once every week and lists a dialog with the changelog and new features added to the latest version. Then users can automatically update the app with ease.

Other features include:

  • Automatic Antivirus check – Configure IDM and select the installed Antivirus program to enable virus checking after the file gets downloaded.
  • Prompts and asks what to do if a duplicate download link is added.
  • Batch downloading support – Download multiple files at once
  • Arrange downloads on basis of their file name, size, transfer rate, etc.
  • Multilingual – supports 33 languages


IDM is an effective solution to speed up your lazy downloads besides the range of other features. The app is totally worth for users who frequently download big size files and wish to download them at the best possible speed which also saves time. IDM is mainly targeted towards power users but normal users can also get the most out of its native functionality, i.e. downloading files with ease. We like that the app works silently in background and receives regular updates. However, IDM isn’t multi-platform yet and is available for Windows only. Even the GUI hasn’t been revised for years which makes IDM look dated but that doesn’t effects its core functionality. One more gripe is that even its lifetime license offers 3 years of free updates, the app continues to work though. Overall, we’re happy with the good old IDM (yes, we love this nickname) which remains our reliable and speedy companion for downloading content.

~ Interested users can Try IDM now by downloading its 30-day fully functional trial.

GIVEAWAY – We’re offering 10 licenses of Internet Download Manager. The license expires in one year and is eligible for Free upgrade to all new versions of IDM during one year. To participate, follow the simple rules below:

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2. Post an engaging comment below, briefly describing what you like most about IDM?

Note: Remember to share your tweet status link along with the comment.

10 Winners will be chosen from the comments section below and results will be announced on February 24th.

Update (24th Feb) – Below are the 10 lucky winners of IDM chosen randomly. Your license will be emailed to you shortly. Thanks to all the participants. 🙂

  1. John Draxler
  2. Daniel Hidalgo
  3. Ibrahim
  4. Baziroll
  5. Thanh
  6. Navjot
  7. Daniel
  8. Namrata
  9. Dhamodharan
  10. Kaushik


Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

53 Responses

  1. Dhamodharan says:

    Great Application
    1.very good application to utilize the network bandwidth
    2.Useful one to download large files in India because it Manages disconnectivity problems
    3.One of Best application to download you tube different video dimension

  2. SUPU KABI says:

    Thank You for the giveaway it is the best downloading software I personally like its ability to resume a download file it helps to download a large file for a slow network speed also its broken link recovery feature impress a lot. Beside this it has many other great features I can not explain them all but some are Automatic file types detection, Direct You Tube download and many other features.

  3. antony gamal says:

    Best download manager
    I can resume my download
    I can download video from You Tube or another sites

  4. adam smear says:

    what you like most about IDM?
    1-. IDM catch downloads and accelerate them. IDM supports HTTP, FTP, HTTPS and MMS protocols
    2-IDM can access many Internet and proxy servers using login name and password

    my share

    endless thanks

  5. Ari says:

    Good giveaway
    Been using IDM for long, a solid performance software.
    Best features are really fast download speed and video grabbing from video sharing software.

  6. DHRUV says:

  7. scot says:

    It increases the download speed to maximum available limit without putting any significant load on the system resources.

  8. Vivrut Patel says:

    A must have software for your PC. Video grabber is one of the best option to download videos from any website. Multiple downloads, pause and resume, refresh broken download link are some of the other interesting features of IDM. I have downloaded 3-4 GB large files through IDM easily.

  9. In short, it is the best download manager and I can resume my download.


  10. baziroll says:

    thanks for giveaway
    i like everything about this program
    very like resume download

  11. Tarek says:

    IDM is the best download manager. It increases the download speed more than 5 times, supports resume download. In addition, you can easily download media files (Video, audio). It also supports download from host files. The program is easy to use and has a nice built in site grabber

  12. Abdullah says:

    Its a great software. I am using it and like it alot.

  13. Daniel says:

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway 🙂 What I like most about IDM is that I can batch download many things at the same time while having control on how fast each download goes.

    My retweet:

  14. fcae says:


    IDM is simply the best in its category. Download accelerator & multipurpose downloader & manager.

  15. The ability to multi-part download files for expedited speed increases/

  16. kk says:

    Best Way To Download …IDM its Best
    \”Less Times More Files\”
    and thx to you for best Giveaway…

  17. Prabhath K says:

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway….

    I like most about IDM are,

    ** Supports resume download / Refresh broken download link
    ** Batch download many things at the same time
    ** Multiple downloads at the same time
    ** Direct You Tube download

    and many more features…….

  18. Nathan says:

    * Accelerating Downloads Like Ludicrous mode In Tesla

    *Reliable and Updated Than other Downloader in Market

    *Video Grabber Download any video that\’s the reason i love it more <3

    *Automatic Antivirus check you are Secured

    Speed Reliable Feature\'s Secured Why you Have to look elsewhere than IDM

  19. Mohammad says:

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

    The IDM is my favrat download manger because i can easily download from most site which, where normally hard to download, the specialty of it, resume option, schedule download, download queue, in tiny pack it provide best performance.


  20. Madhusudhan Pagidimarri says:

    Fantastic application to download content from web, you can pause and re-download the content, it is the best download manager. It increases the download speed more than 5 times, supports pause and resume download. In addition, you can easily download media files like Audio n Video. It also supports download from host files. Very is easy to use and download multiple downloads simultaniously.

  21. How can I miss the best download manager which is using from past 8 years.
    IDM has many advantages
    IDM gives you drag-and-drop system and command line support when it comes to managing your downloads.
    There is a timer, which allows you to schedule your downloads.
    It has basic download management features such as the ability to keep different files in different categories and queue support etc.

    latest version of IDM, we can see support for Windows 10, ability to get video from web players, MMS protocol support etc along with a wide range of performance improvements

  22. John Draxler says:

    A great software. the thing i like about this software is the facilities. speed is awesome. site grabber is really helpful. it has also speed limiter and scheduler. these are really helpful. So i will give this software 10 out of 10. i will be really happy if i get a chance to win one of these 10 licences.

  23. Navjot Singh says:

    Time to utilize 50 MBPS with IDM ??

  24. Samuel Davie says:

    No hassle rapid downloading with automatic resume, so no more losing large downloads 🙂

  25. Linu says:
    Flawless fast application to download files plus it’s easy to download videos with download pop up in every browser.

  26. Ramesh Kumar says:

    IDM is the best download manager I ever used.

  27. James S says:

    I like the fast download speed so I can get my files quickly and without fuss. I also like the site grabber which makes automated file downloading much easier.

  28. bahadir says:

    It is the best file download program. My favorite program

  29. Yash says:

    IDM is the best in its category
    Multi-thread download gives me the full speed/ratio of my download plan.
    Video download is simply awesome, no other download manager captures video on so many sites.
    Refresh download is one amazing feature absent in most of the download manager.
    Been using it for quite a long & never had probs, stable & reliable.
    Updates frequency is good & always keep up with the changing algorithm of popular video download sites like YouTube.
    Browser support is superb, IDM can be used with most of the browsers.
    Light on resources.
    Simple & easy GUI, navigation, good options, etc…
    Scheduling, queue, etc, etc, so many qualities makes IDM the go to download manager of any users.
    IDM is simply the best, no other download manager come close to it.

  30. Great Thanks for the Amazing IDM Giveaway. I like most its Batch downloading support, Download multiple files at once, Arrange downloads on basis of their file name, size, transfer rate, Its Resume capability from the portion it stops, the accelerated speed it can provide and many more. Its simply Worlds top rated download manager.

  31. Sraul says:

    There isn\’t any download manager that can best IDM out there paid or free. IDM gives you more advantages when downloading big chunks of data from any website. Via it\’s smart download logic accelerator whatever you download gets broken in segments and IDM download files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect. Try and beat that!

  32. Daniel Hidalgo says:

    Is a fantastic product, what I like is that the integration to browsers, and additionally shows more flexibility and options when downloading without a doubt one of my favorite tools.

  33. Vikas S. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway !

    Internet Download Manager is the fastest download accelerator in the world.
    Internet Download Manager is a great task management tool that makes it easier to download multiple files at a time.
    I like as Internet Download Manager increases download speed with built-in download logic accelerator, resume and schedule downloads.
    Internet Download Manager is a great tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times.
    Thus Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate downloads.
    Internet Download Manager is the Ultimate and Best Download Manager in the world!

  34. I love the speed limit feature because while surfing it can download at a limited speed while you can still surf with balance bandwidth. I keep my IDM limit to 200KB/S so that with other 300KN/s I can surf. I am on 4mbps line.

  35. michael williams says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Must have Internet Download Manager on every PC ! 🙂

  36. Nial Sri says:

    I like most that Internet Download Manager increases download speed with built-in download logic accelerator, resume and schedule downloads. IDM is the best download manager.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  37. Vikky says:

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway….

    Liked the most that the Internet Download Manager is a great task management tool that makes it easier to download multiple files at a time.

  38. Nitin says:

    I like the feature of resuming download after break of connectivity. Very important feature in small cities where connectivity is not so much reliable

  39. wbb4746 says:

    Best download manager
    I can resume my download and download video from almost any site and also it’s support any browser

  40. Emmanouil Georgiadis says:

    I really like the ability to resume and manage multiple files. Many thanks.

  41. ibrahim says:

    Internet Download Manager is one of the best download manager that have a unique technology in downloading files. It use up all the bandwidth but it don\’t compromise browsing. It automatically adjust the speed of download so that the browsing didn\’t not suffer. Another one is using allocated bandwidth to use it for download, the result is downloading the file fast!

  42. Nirmol says:

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    I like almost every feature about IDM resume download / Refresh broken download link
    ,Multiple downloads , and many features……
    IDM is a must have software programe on every PC.

  43. Sam Kar-Grr says:

    Thanks Mayur for the giveaway.

    My Retweet below:

    Amongst all the usual features of IDM, I specifically came across one feature that I want to mention.
    While downloading a file from say GoogleDrive or any other site, usually the session will expire after sometime. Despite this, IDM won\’t discard the already downloaded partial file, but it allows opening the same page again and picking up the file to continue further with the download. This is very helpful as I\’m on limited bandwidth and cannot afford to discard partial downloads due to session timeout.

    Thanks, Grr

  44. Sky says:

    Internet Download Manager IDM is the most popular Download accelerator for windows PC which works on window XP,7,8,10.
    IDM increases download speed so much with resume support
    IDM works by Dividing downloads into multiple parts for faster downloading
    IDM integrates to most browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and chrome ; Download videos from streaming video sites like youtube ; Offers support for multiple language

    Internet Download Manager is a great program, without which I can not imagine working with , Therefore I turn to the competition.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway.


  45. Pooja Sharma says:

    This is one of the most wonderful programs

    Very good software,the best downloader manager,thanks for giveway.
    Internet download manager is a great software. I make a lot of downloading everyday. Every time it will automatically start via Chrome, but IDM finishes quite faster also it starts later. I love this program.
    I like “Download accelerator”; which it uses intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate downloads.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

    Hope to Win

  46. Nandram says:

    IDM is the best on the market. This program is a king of all download managers. It\’s small and it can be downloaded and installed quickly.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway. Hope to win

  47. namrata thakur says:

    thanks for giveaway!

    Internet Download Manager is one of the best tools to download files with maximum possible speed.
    I like features that include the task scheduler, website grabber, speed and size limiter, dropbox and download categories, in addition to integration support for basically any web browser.
    An overall reliable tool for downloading online content!

  48. Many Many Great Thanks Webtrickz for choosing me as one of the Luckiest Winner. Extremely Glad to WIN. Looking forward for the Lucky mail.

  49. baziroll says:

    thank you very much.much appreciated

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