Samsung N148 Plus Netbook [Review, Pictures & Specs]

Yesterday, I bought a Samsung N148 Netbook and I’m here to share my experience with it. The device is really amazing and a true value for money. The body is stylish with a shiny black sparkling top, feels strong and really good to use. It is packed with all the latest features and configuration which a smart and reliable netbook should offer.

Samsung N148 Plus Netbook

Display – N148 comes with a 10.1” anti-reflective display which produces bold colors and sharp images. The brightness is also very good and can be controlled as required.

Battery – N148 gives an awesome Battery backup of 8.5hrs which is fairly true and the USP of this netbook. It offers a 250GB Hard drive and 6-cell battery at just Rs. 15k which is hardly provided by anyone in the market.

Sound – There are 2 speakers at the bottom in front which outputs good quality sound. It has HD (High Definition) Audio with SRS 3D Sound Effect via software.

There are 5 Status Indicators which shows the operating status of the computer. They are namely: Caps lock, Hard disk drive, Wireless LAN, Charge status and Power.

Keyboard Functions – The keys are smooth and various hotkey keyboard shortcuts make it easier to control than ever. There are shortcut key functions like: Standby mode, see remaining battery, turn on/off LCD, switch Wireless LAN & Bluetooth on/off, disable the touchpad, etc. You can also adjust screen brightness and volume control.

TouchPad – I found the touchpad just like an effective touchpad in any good laptop. There is also a scroll area to scroll up and down the webpages or in explorer.

Software and Drivers – N148 came with DOS but I was able to install Windows 7 easily using a Bootable USB drive. The best part is that Samsung provides a DVD with all the software and drivers for Windows 7. The software, drivers and Windows 7 updates included in system software media can be installed unattended without any issues.

N148_system software media

Also, Samsung provides all the latest updated driver, software and BIOS firmware for Windows 7 (32-bit) and Windows XP on their support site. So, no more hassles!

Samsung N148 Plus (NP-N148-DP03IN) Netbook Photos

Samsung N148 plus box - User guide, Software DVD, accessories

Samsung N148 plus - Battery charger with adaptor

Samsung N148 plus_6 cell battery

Samsung N148 plus_top

Samsung N148 plus_open view w/o battery

Samsung N148 plus_front view

Samsung N148 plus_left side view

Samsung N148 plus_right side view

Samsung N148 plus_back

Samsung N148 Plus (NP-N148-DP03IN) Features & Specifications: 

  • OS: DOS
  • CPU: Intel Atom Processor N450 @ 1.66Ghz
  • LCD: 10.1″ WSVGA (1024 x 600), Non-Gloss, LED Display
  • Memory: 1GB DDR2 SODIMM
  • Chipset: Intel NM10 Express
  • Storage: 250GB S-ATA HDD
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
  • Sound: HD (High Definition) Audio with SRS 3D Sound Effect
  • Wired Ethernet LAN 10/100 LAN
  • WLAN: 802.11 bgn
  • Bluetooth 3.0 High speed
  • Integrated Web Camera
  • I/O Ports: VGA, Headphone, Microphone-in + Internal Mic, 3 x USB 2.0 with chargeable USB (in left), RJ45 (LAN)
  • 3-in-1 Card reader (SD, SDHC, MMC) cards supported with Adapter
  • Battery: 6-cell
  • Weight: 1.24 Kg (2.73lbs)

Price: Rs. 15,000 (with taxes) in India

Verdict: At last, I want to say that I’m highly impressed with this netbook and got more then what I expected. I don’t have anything negative to say about it, it is great and really worth the money spend on it. Do ask any questions via comments if you have. 🙂

Update – A new variant of this model “Samsung NP-N148-DP05IN” is now available to Buy online at Flipkart for Rs. 13850. Comes with 1 Year Domestic Pick and Drop Limited Warranty, Free Transit Insurance and Free Home Delivery.

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Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Follow him @mayurjango on Twitter.

117 Responses

  1. Abhishek says:

    Well firstly congrats for your new Samsung Netbook.
    At 15k its the best bargain you could get.
    Netbooks are becoming very popular and are eating up market of laptops at a very high rate.
    From the review the configurations are perfect.
    Have you purchased it from Meerut ?

  2. Raju says:

    looks really cool, would have loved to see webtrickz website on its screen 😉 make sure you update the review after using it for a month or so!

  3. nice_friend says:

    I have bought it too a couple of days back. I must say it is really very good and a true value. I got it cheaper being in Delhi. The only problem that I am facing with this laptop is activating Windows 7 Ultimate. The Windows 7 Ultimate version which I could activate so easily on my Sony Vaio is giving me sleepless nights on this laptop. But I am sure there must be a way out…..Apart from activation, this laptop is a beauty. One should go for it.

  4. Akil says:

    hi mayur..
    Can you plz tell me which windows 7 you are using
    and how to activate it..
    i have installed win 7 ultimate 32-Bit but its not activating.

    • Mayur says:

      I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium and not activated it yet. I think there shouldn’t be any problem while activating. Actually, I don’t have any license key to activate it and try. 😀

  5. kanaka raja c says:

    Im not able to install Win 7. I tried through USB flash drive. It stops at the stage Where do you want to install windows?.
    “setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information.”
    Some one help me.

    • mahesh says:

      try ubuntu honey..
      works smoother
      no chances of hacks or viruses

      also easy to download and install
      moreover a windows 7 ultimate may show a lag on such low specs
      you guys here do not seem to understand that.. 😉

  6. Sukh says:

    I am trying to install win 7 using USB DVD drive, but after full installation it starts rebooting, where as win XP works fine on this, can u help what may be the problem? or should we install this only through USB flsh drive? please help.

    Thanx Regards

  7. Man says:

    To activate vista / Win7 you need to mod the slic 2.1 bios on samsung n148

    Email me if you need assistance.

  8. Mukesh says:

    Please mail me the instruction to install Win 7

  9. hari says:

    Any Ubuntu netbook users in this laptop??

    • Venkat says:

      yes, I use Ubuntu….seems to be the best on this notebook, because if u use win7 , we would not be able to play the 720p videos

  10. Arun T P says:

    I too bought one , the lower edition with 160 GB and 1 GB ram. Had to shell 14.5k though. Works really fine. Running Ubuntu Netbook remix.

    Though the 6 cell promises to give 8.5 hours, I doubt it. I charge upto 80% using the extend battery life option in BIOS, and manage only 4 hours. A bit disappointed there, but overall the best value for money netbook out there.

  11. iSzE93 says:

    why this samsung netbook edition cannot apply theme???

  12. mukesh says:

    while creating disc partion through FDISK a problem occured and now no booting through hard BIOS ,hdd is shown but while booting through usb bootable flah media hdd is not found.can any one guide me what should i do now.

  13. arik says:

    good piece of staff. Weight?

  14. bios says:

    cam can’t use after install window 7…

  15. SAJ says:

    these mther fkers r saying that it is recmnded 4 wi 7 & givig us the cd f widws 7…bt its the fact that we can only instl the org windws 7…….othrwise it is bter to oprte in win xp……..damn….BUT THE PRDCT IS AWESME

  16. Sushant says:

    Hey mayur, just want to ask you, how much battery backup are you getting on this netbook. As you are a blogger you must have bought it for websurfing only. So exactly how much battery backup are u getting on single charge while surfing web over wifi.

  17. SayaM says:

    If somebody know hot to change that’s driver software for window 7 to window xp, pls send mail, thanks.
    I want to use only xp on my new samsung N148 Plus.

  18. danish says:

    plz send me details abt activating win 7 on samsung n148
    thanx in advance

  19. H.M.Sharma says:

    Please let me know how to install my web cam Driver

  20. Nilanjann Nandy says:

    bought it much cheaper than what has been mentioned, here in Calcutta. I am quite satisfied with the N148 Plus, since my demands (a little word processing, surfing, mail and watching a movie or two, even listening to music only) are limited, I think a netbook will very easily serve my purpose. For multi tasking and my professional usic programming jobs I have a Mac Book Pro.

    Since it has come with DOS, I am using Linux OS, especially the one intended for a Netbook of this configuration, on this N-148, and it’s much more faster and hassle free compared to Windows.

    • foobar says:

      Hey can you specify which linux distro (os) you are using ? i’m interested in this netbook but am highly allergic to windows 7 .. i get red skin rash when ever I use windoze .. 😉

  21. rima says:

    my webcam is not working. plsss help

  22. rima says:

    my webcam is not working. plsss help…

  23. GOPI says:


  24. prabowo says:

    can help you install the drivers wireles n148 plus on ubuntu, share

  25. lonie says:

    how to change Desktop Wallpaper in window 7 for samsung n148 plus?

  26. ranadheer says:

    marvellous n amazing i baught it and it working gret i can even run v complex programs an its really even worthy of wat v r spending on it …wat can a notebook offer more dan dis? nothing!..absolutely fantastic thanx for samsong

  27. Nikhil Sharma says:

    Pleasev tell me how to change the desktop pic of my samsung n148

    • zahid says:

      hey nikhil..i cant understand ur problem… itz very simple ri8 clik on photo or ur desire ur image file and set as ur desktop background…..

  28. xebec says:

    help! i cant install the video controller and network controller of my samsung n148.. is anyone there have a driver installer.. pls help..

  29. farraz says:

    problem that I am facing with this laptop is activating Windows 7 Ultimate & home basic. The Windows 7 Ultimate & home basic version which I could activate so easily on my toshiba is giving me sleepless nights on this laptop. But I am sure there must be a way out…..Apart from activation, this laptop is a beauty. One should go for it.
    PLz do advice me what to do here

  30. Abhijit says:

    Hello Guys

    I recently bought Samsung NP-N148-DP05IN (OS:DOS) worth Rs 13900 at Pune.
    and I installed WIN7 ,then after installtion it stuck with Win7 [ALL versions] activations.
    I tried Windows 7 [Home, Prof, Ultimate, Ultimate sp1] and XP prof sp3 [but need SATA drivers pre-inserted into XP CD otherwise after installation, wont boot]
    My netbook specifications are:
    -Manufacturer: Samsung
    -Netbook Model: NP-N148 plus
    -Bios revision: 01GU
    -Bios Type: Phoenix BIOS

    Then I came across SLIC concept, after going through a lot of forums.
    And I hate, flash BIOS thing, if this goes wrong then your Lappy will be piece of junk.

    So, here is the few tools, after using these u’ll be able to activate ANY version of win7.
    1] Novicorp WinToFlash <——to make bootable USB for ANY win (7,vista,XP)
    2] SLIC ToolKit v3.2 <———to see your BIOS SLIC v2.0 OR v2.1
    3] Windows 7 loader by Gnrsu<–to activate ANY Windows 7
    4] WIN7 Activation v1.7 Final version by Gnrsu <–another tool for activation in case above fails
    5] Windows 7 Loader v 2.0.0 by Daz<–Activation for non-SLIC BIOS [means NORMAL activation]

    I didnt mention links because it gets changed often.
    Best way,,,,GOOOGLE it.
    Best Luck.

  31. ajit says:

    how n where to download wireless lan and video controller driver for N148 guide me..

  32. Abhijit says:

    Drivers for Samsung N148 Plus
    and TYPE model no.
    Select OS,
    Choose drivers.
    Thats it.

    • don says:

      i have successfully installed win 7 ultimate 32 bit wid my pirated dvd. it is pre activated n running well.

      but my prob is i cant install or find a suitable driver or software for the webcam
      on win 7 !!!!!!

      can anyone help……………….???

  33. prakash says:

    my wifi is not working since i formatted my netbook….
    every driver is installed properly…..i dont know whats wrong with ot

  34. shy says:

    i just bought it lastweek and just yesterday the screen automatically no display even the OS.. what happened to this? can anyone tell me what im going to do?

  35. Surya says:

    I bought this N148 notebook online and have installed windows 7 on it but I wasn’t able to install the wlan driver on this notebook. It always gives an error that the device is missing. Kindly help me on this.

  36. rehaan says:

    hey this is happy to say this the best notebook i every seen m kool rehaan zain

  37. Prasanna says:

    Hi all… Am planning to buy a netbook… Am working on a project, for that i need ‘eclipse’ and ‘oracle 10g’. Am pretty confident that Eclispse work on this samsung netbook.. What do you say?
    whether Oracle 10 g woud work?
    Kindly reply

  38. Zerobytez says:

    to activate this netbook use Windows 7 Loader v1.9.5 by Daz (x86 & x64)
    & check ignore slic2.1

  39. dwyane says:

    which OS is better Linux or Windows?

  40. Anup says:

    Please give me pro to call for installing the web cam in N148plus model

  41. SubmaZ says:

    Thank u Abhijit!!

  42. atha says:

    My samsung N148 Plus ‘Fn’ key not working while trying to activited wifi or any other options with this key. so plz anybody help me.

  43. ajay says:

    n148 plus me kya me isme wab camra use kar sakta hu.,.,.plzzz send me anss plzzz m waiting.,.,.,. frend

  44. satish says:

    Hi, I purchased a new samsung n148 notebook one month ago. And win 7 ultimate was preinstalled on it. As the memory is only 1 GB it seems a little bit slow to run the computer. The fact is I have an old usb dvd player and i tried to install xp sp2 over win7. But everytime i try- first it loads some files and then says “press any key to ….” I pressed and again it says the same. Finally I failed to install xp. Can anyone tell me how to get fix the problem, please!!! my email is waiting for your help……

  45. Cecille Miciano says:

    HI!.. i have a problem looking my built-in webcam(N148) after I installed windows7 ultimate.. the shortcut in desktop was missing and i cannot find it in any folders or programs.. but it was working in yahoo messenger when you view your webcam.. anyone can help? thanks… pls. email me at

  46. ann says:

    is it true that it should be 16 hours for initial charging?

  47. Bogdan0x400 says:

    When I had Windows 7 Starter I used the drivers DVD that came along with my N148 to install all drivers. But then I’ve installed Windows 7 Starter N (or SP1), and now I can’t install LAN and video drivers 🙁 . Does anyone have a clue as to why?

  48. hello, I have this problem in my samsung N148 Plus notebook.. I cant find my webcam driver. I haven’t tried my digital cam before and I just discovered this problem recently

  49. niel says:

    hi I just got mine now, how can I use the webcam? do I need a program for it? coz I can just use it using skype YM chat etc. pls help thanks

  50. rhonald says:

    i purchased samsung n148 plus today, as i put os on it, hard disk become 158 gb where it must be 250 bg right? what should i do?

  51. r00tki7 says:

    This N148P proved to be good, i’m running Win 7 Ultimate (Cracked and Activated) and i am planing now for dual boot with Ubuntu Netbook edition. I’ve tried to install Linux Security Distro. “Back|Track” on N148P but the screen resolution not supported and i found there is no way for installing it. Overall i am “satisfied” with my Netbook and now finding ways to install my favorite linux distro on it.

  52. tarun roy says:

    Where do i find the web cam software for n148plus

  53. mayank says:

    hi…….. i m planing 2 get this netbook, but m confused that, will turbo c++ can run on it………… pls help me

  54. Pramod Shet says:

    Absolutely u can run C++.. u can install win xp for this net book..and all the drivers are available in website..

  55. shailu says:

    hey!dude i need ur help my n148plus notebook started hanging wil u plz giv me solution 4 ti….

  56. saravanan says:

    Please help me

    Samsung N148 will support Skype?

  57. Jan says:

    Hello.. why is that mine is can’t adjust the screen brightness ??? i bought this one yesterday…. and follow all the instructions on how to adjust the screen brightness… too bad for me..

  58. lintoystick says:

    hey guys, if u got problem in activating your windows 7, just use WAT REMOVER…. this thing is cool..i got my n148 here in Philippines and installed windows 7 ultimate.i got no orig. key…so i used WAT Remover by Hazar…and boom… my windows 7 ultimate came just like a genuine..just unplug your internet connection before running this software..den reboot…the enjoy u got your windows 7 activated…u can download any updates without having problem!!! by the way my n148 got 2gb memory and 320gb hard drive..

  59. Michelle says:


    I’m also having issues on Samsung N148-DP03. After installing Windows 7 then the Windows Loader then reboot and then nothing black screen only… Please Help!

  60. Michelle says:


    A thousand thanks to your advice… i got this netbook up & running! 😉

  61. Angel says:


    Super thank you. Happy New Year!

  62. Markie says:

    I bought mine here in the Philippines for PhP 11,000.00.

    I was hesitant to buy a netbook back then. I thought they are just a waste of money. But when Samsung NP-148P came along, I was surprised. The power and beauty is just overwhelming for a netbook. I got me the Ruby red. I also love the keyboard Layout. Mine is white and the keys are not compacted. There’s a little space between each keys. And when my friend who have fat fingers uses my netbook, i dont hear complains. The touch pad is also great. Not to sensitive yet very responsive.

    I used to run it with Windows XP SP3 only, I was afraid that it will go slow if I run Windows 7 even the Starter Edition. But just the other day, I installed Windows ULTIMATE!! and it is still working as fast as it was on XP!! AWESOME!! You can really maximize the potential of this netbook on Windows 7 (well, not on Starter Edition though..)

    Downside, I cant get to the HDD easy. Though 250GB would suffice for a normal user, Im still hungry for bigger HDD capacity. Im kinda hoarding movies in it. It’s way better to use with Bluetooth headset while on a never ending bus, train rides or flights.

    Im just in love with my Red Samsung NP-148P.. She even has a name… Sasha!

    Cheers to Samsung and the people who loves the NP-148P.

  63. Dennis says:

    is samsung N148plus wi fi capable? i cannot detect wi fi signal in hot spots. Also, why can’t i connect my netbook to a projector.please help. thanks

  64. danny says:

    what type of ram 2gb for samsung n148p?

  65. Dharm sreehree says:

    i have been best of lock !

  66. ahyie says:

    I have a problem with webcam. I’ve been using NP N148Plus and according to the device manager it is working properly but i cannot find a way to use it.

    Please help…..

  67. ashwani says:

    purchase in 12500 new one. screen brightness problem in win xp can anyone help me?

  68. Abhishek Mishra says:

    i want the all driver related this pc how i can get please help me………..

  69. mashrub says:

    Have any way to use wifi?

  70. hari says:

    I had to press Fn key to type normal key. But not all key…..just those numbers which are placed in U,I,O,P,J,K,L,:,M. Can anyone help how to make this normal….please help me…

  71. gowtham says:

    can any one tellme that samsung n148 supports oracle on win 7 os.if yes which edition does it supports?

  72. Arlo Milo says:

    I’m also having issues on Samsung N148-DP03. After installing Windows 7 then the Windows Loader then reboot and then nothing black screen only… Please Help!

  73. Abhishek Sharma says:

    i just want to know if we can add another ddr3 2gb ram in this laptop,
    i like this model because i have please guide me about this ,
    below keyboard.or anywhere.

  74. Mithun says:

    My notebook is now 6+ years old & I was using Windows 7. Now 3 days back it is not getting started. Battery is working fine. Not sure what possibly causing the issue. Anybody has an idea?

  75. PRITAM says:

    Can SAMSUNG N148 PLUS supported window 7 64/86 bi

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