How to Install Windows 7 on Samsung Netbook using a Bootable USB flash drive

Recently, I got a Samsung netbook which came just with DOS. So, I’m here to share the working method as ‘How to Install Windows 7 on netbook via bootable USB pen drive’. The below procedure has been tried on Samsung N148 Plus Netbook (NP-N148-DP03IN). This guide may also work for other Samsung netbooks and netbooks from other brands.

To Install Windows 7 on Netbook, you first need to create a Bootable USB flash drive with Windows 7 because there is no DVD drive in netbooks. Follow our guide to make a bootable Windows 7 flash drive, easily using ‘Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool’.

After successfully creating a bootable media, follow the below steps carefully:

1. Plug-in the flash drive to netbook and make sure the netbook is charged.

2. Power On the netbook and Press the F2 key as you see ‘Samsung logo’ on screen.

3. You’ll now be entered into BIOS of netbook. Open the ‘Boot’ options and then open ‘Boot Device Priority’ using Enter.

4. Using the F5/F6 keys, move the “USB HDD” device to 1st position as shown below. Use F10 to save the Bios settings.

netbook BIOS_boot device priority

This is all done to let the netbook boot from USB flash drive.

On restarting, netbook will boot via USB drive and Windows 7 Installation screen will appear. Install the Windows 7 edition (Starter, Home Basic or Home Premium edition are recommended).

Windows 7 install screen

Note this point – There are mere 5 steps which are processed automatically when installing Windows 7. In netbook, you have to change the 1st boot device back to netbook’s HDD after it restarts on completion of 4th step i.e. Installing updates

process_installing windows 7

What to do when Netbook restarts after completion of 4th step (Installing updates) –

Using the above steps, move back the ‘AHCI HDD’ to 1st position under the boot device priority in BIOS. On restarting, the ‘Install Windows’ box will appear and 5th step i.e. Completing installation will continue to run. Be patient and let the process to complete!

On completing the final step, Windows will ask to enter a username and PC name. That’s it, you’ve successfully installed Windows 7 on your netbook.

Install the Drivers, software and Updates in Netbook – After Windows is installed, it’s time to install the drivers and software. Samsung provides a DVD with “System Software Media” that lets you install the device drivers and software, all unattended.

N148_system software media

You can copy the full content of Samsung DVD to a USB drive using a PC. Then, open the SoftwareMedia.exe file to install the device software on netbook without DVD.

Hope you found this guide useful. Do post your comments. 😉


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  1. Abhishek says:

    Yup Friend it is very useful.
    I have recommended your Samsung Netbook to my Cousin.
    don’t they get pre installed Windows 7 ?

    • Mayur says:

      Windows 7 doesn’t comes pre-installed on N148 Samsung netbooks. Also, netbooks with pre-loaded OS are bit higher in price and comes with Windows 7 Starter, which has limited features.

  2. pchela says:

    I have same netbook, installed Windows 7 but some pereferial devices don’t work, such as USB, network adapter.
    Do you now how to solve the problem?

  3. ariel s says:

    thanks man!

  4. Vin says:

    Thanks very much for this useful guide! Will try it now…have a quick question – do all the drivers on Samsung’s website suffice? Hope so…..

  5. vineet says:

    Hi ,
    I have installed win 7 on samsung n 148 plus. I installed perfectely. But after finalization when notebook restarts. Everytime black screen comes and it remain for 2-3 mins n after dat system starts automatically and again the same process happen. Please help

  6. Giraulie C. Osma says:

    there was a problem in my Samsung NP-N148 when it’s near to complete installation there appear a problem that’s say “windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer. restart the installation”.

    and when i restart it, it the same happen again ever after…. i almost try 5times
    installing windows 7 home, ultimate there always the same problem plzz help me 😀 even original copy of software wasn’t work… (^_^)

  7. Umar Ali says:

    Thanks alot buddy, this help me alot 🙂

  8. Rahul says:

    I have same netbook.
    But pls tell me whether win7 works fine on this model???
    As Im about to upgrade RAM to 2 GB.
    Shall I install Win 7?
    My dealer is saying it will be too slow that you will get irritated.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Tushar says:

    I have Samsung N148plus Netbook

    Today i format my c-drive(80gb) & one 100mb partition,,
    then I made 2 partitions of 40gb ,
    after reboot it shows message “operating system missing”
    even, it can not detect BOOT CD,,

    Note: I have set default boot mode to CD/DVD,,,but no use

    waiting for help ..

  10. shahin says:

    thanks. My notbook work this way

  11. sumit says:

    Thanx good work man helpful tome

  12. Mizan says:

    after install windows 7 i cracked with windows loader to activate windows. but after activating mi notebook (samsung np n148 plus can not open and give message abut (Start up problem). Please help me…..

  13. John Codz says:

    Superb!! ty much mayur.

  14. saeed says:

    i have samsung notebook intel pentum B950 (300E5Z-A08) installation failed for win 7 but for win xp the drvice working

  15. krammypatties says:

    hi !
    i follow the steps you gave but it doesn’t work. my netbook is samsung np n148 plus.
    it always says “a recent hardware or software change cause the problem…blaaah…blaaahhh…blaaahhh…….”
    i tried it using start up repair but nothing happens….please help me……….im sick of it………


  16. gracemary says:

    I recently bought a samsung netbook N100SP, I am trying to back up my Windows system with paragon usb, It does not boot and it goes directly to windows.When i go to bios to look at the book sequence, there is no option for a usb, what may i do.

    • Rana says:

      I recently bought a samsung netbook N100SP, I am trying to back up my Windows system with paragon usb, It does not boot and it goes directly to windows.When i go to bios to look at the book sequence, there is no option for a usb, what may i do.

  17. usanpreet singh says:

    Really Very Kindly Thanks Sir
    u Helped me a lot (y)


  18. al helal says:

    HI friend your kind following information helps me very much;;;;;;;;;;I felt a lot o ftrouble for installing windows so it helps me so much ;;;;;;;;;;

    Again Thanks very very much from my heart

  19. narayanrath says:

    Hii my notebook n100 Samsung not show BIOS on screen please help me

  20. Rajesh Chaudhari says:

    Hi i tried the same step for window 7 after installing boo-table usb drive everything install but on final step it restart continues before window 7 logo please guide about this

  21. Hi I am Najeeb from Dhaka. I have a Samsung netbook NP-NC108-A04BD. I cannot activate my Windows 7 OS. Please help me out. I have tried the activator & Loader with the windows 7 DVD. But after installing them it runs a problem with the start up problem. Please help me out.


  22. Silentwind says:

    When you have problem with one pen drive – you should check on the other.
    This laptop recognize 50/50% pen-drives. To test you can put in the left port and the check in the bios is it visible.

  1. June 22, 2011

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